Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Compute

What is Autonomous Compute and Why Does it Matter?

Autonomous computing enables computer systems, software, or networks to operate independently and make decisions using pre-defined rules, algorithms, or artificial intelligence (AI), without the need for constant human intervention. AI-powered tools and technologies offer valuable insights and optimizations that autonomous compute applications leverage. AI technology and machine learning advancements drive accelerated adoption of autonomous computing solutions in sectors like transportation, healthcare, cloud data centers, and much more. Autonomous computing is transforming industries with increased efficiency, improved safety, and more convenient solutions for businesses and consumers.


What is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and Why Does it Matter?

Artificial Intelligence encompasses the broader concept of creating intelligent systems to simulate human intelligence.

Machine Learning (ML) is a subset of AI that focuses on developing algorithms that enable computers to learn and improve their performance without explicitly being programmed for a specific task. Machine Learning is a powerful tool contributing to the advancement and realization of AI’s potential across applications and industries.

Why Boyd for Artificial Intelligence Solutions?


Low profile liquid cooling systems offer higher performance in a smaller footprint and create additional design space with optimized thermal density.


Accelerate advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) with thermally dense cooling systems that unlock high-performance autonomous compute possibilities to enable level 4 and 5 autonomies.


Boyd moves with our customers as their regional needs evolve in response to geopolitical changes, strategy shifts in region sourcing, near shoring or global manufacturing moves.


Boyd’s speed and responsiveness combined with decades of thermal design expertise and robust, proprietary modeling tools enable quick design iterations and accelerated speed to market.


Boyd cools, seals and protects the most demanding processors in the world with solutions that increase performance efficiency, optimize resource utilization, maximize compute speed, and increase reliability.

Enterprise Solutions

Delve into the breadth of Boyd’s solution portfolio for data centers, hyperscale computing, and other rack-based solutions in our interactive 3D tool.

Enterprise Solutions 3D

Examples of Autonomous Compute, AI, and Machine Learning (ML)

Organizations integrating AI like machine learning and natural language processing enhance their business operations, automate processes, and improve decision-making. Self-driving cars use AI in Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) to analyze data from sensors and to identify and track objects such as other vehicles, pedestrians, and obstacles. AI algorithms process and analyze medical images like X-rays, CT scans, and MRI scans, with impressive precision and speed helping doctors make accurate and timely diagnoses.

Autonomous Compute Resources

Liquid Cold Plate Solutions for e-Mobility and Transportation

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How to Cool a Data Center? Liquid Cooling System Solutions

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Glowing liquid cooled futuristic hyper fast computer CPU.

The Boyd Difference for AC/ADAS, AI, & ML

Boyd offers a whole spectrum of cooling technologies from extreme air cooling to liquid cooling systems, to cutting-edge pumped two-phase cooling for next-generation processors. Our advanced compute thermal systems are compact, lightweight, and highly reliable to assure consistent compute performance, efficient energy use, and maintain safe operating temperatures regardless of computing demand.

Integrated Cooling Solution for Silicon and Processors

Boyd’s overlapping technology portfolio enables liquid, immersion, two-phase, and air-cooling innovation to co-exist. Enable the most efficient thermal interface between air or liquid systems and the processors with our high density, remote heat pipe heat sink assemblies, liquid cooling loops, and highly customized liquid cold plates. Our Silicon, CPU, and GPU thermal solutions are customized to maximize thermal efficiency for each unique system installation, maximizing full system capabilities and creating performance differentiation.


Energy Efficient and Safe Operating Temperatures for Critical Electronics Systems

Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) Cooling Systems maintain safe operating temperatures for critical electronics systems that help automate driving and vehicle safety. Increased levels of driver automation demand more cooling to manage heavier data collection, processing, and transmission. Boyd’s ADAS thermal management solutions help you ensure consistent sensor and compute performance, and efficient energy usage regardless of computational demand.

Autonomous Compute Sealing, Insulation, and Shielding

Our engineering and material science expertise allows us to design tailored solutions for specific applications. We seal, insulate, and shield high performance processors to make them more durable and reliable, to better optimize energy efficiency, and to protect them from harsh environments and temperature extremes. Leverage our material science heritage to design innovative AI-based solutions optimized for performance, reliability, and energy efficiency.


Manage Airflow

Seal, insulate, and shield demanding AI and machine learning data centers with solutions that increase performance efficiency, optimize resource utilization, maximize energy recovery, and increase reliability across all systems levels. Boyd leak-sealing foams and gaskets prevent air leakage and optimize airflow, enabling the cooling system to operate at peak performance.

Solutions for Noise Vibration Harshness and Shock

Noise and vibration come from many sources in an application, and they negatively impact reliability, networking, and connectivity system performance. Boyd’s expertise in acoustic and vibration damping enables us to design advanced NVH solutions and absorb shock for the most demanding, sensitive AI and compute end-device applications that heavily rely on quiet, stable, controlled performance.


Exceed Performance Requirements with Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Shielding

EMI shielding is crucial to prevent electromagnetic radiation from interfering with AI and autonomous compute system function. Balance electrical conductivity, dielectric permittivity, magnetic permittivity, and physical geometry to inhibit the transmission of EMI with advanced EMI shielding solutions. Enhance customer satisfaction and safety, improve electronic signal integrity, ensure regulatory approval, and reduce warranty claims with Boyd’s EMI and RFI shielding solutions.


Electrical Insulation

Protect critical systems and maintenance technicians from electrical shock with high dielectric insulators. Blocking spark voltage with Boyd V-0 flame-rated dielectric insulators maintains the integrity of complex compute processes.

Enable Customized and Efficient User Interface with AI

Artificial Intelligence enables more advanced Human Machine Interface (HMI) designs. AI has the potential to revolutionize user experiences, especially in vehicles. Growth in AI increases automotive interface integration like Human/Machine Interfaces and Telematics ensuring a safe, enjoyable, and efficient driving experience.


Boyd’s Advanced Display Solutions

Innovative technologies like heads-up displays, navigation and infotainment systems, and smart mirrors require advanced display solutions for consumers to benefit from these added features. Optimize display assemblies and convert raw materials into Integrated display gaskets and screen enhancement assemblies with Boyd. We simplify display solutions and reduce overall assembly time, material costs, and supply chain complexity.

Improve Efficiency, Accuracy, and Customization Capabilities of Labels for Artificial Intelligence Applications

Boyd develops countless UL, cUL, and CSA approved custom labels to meet our customer’s unique requirements from lightweight, rugged eMobility ADAS applications to high performance enterprise AI and ML installations. We combine branding, critical information, electrical insulation, and other functions into a single, high-quality, dependable solution. Multifunctional labels enhance brand management and consumer safety with reduced supply chain complexity and total lowest landed cost.


Human Machine Interface (HMI) Solutions for the eMobility

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What Goes Into Making Advanced Display Solutions

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Global Network & Local Support

Boyd’s 40+ ISO 9001 and nine IATF 16949 certified manufacturing operations across three continents meet high standards and exceed customer expectations by aligning with the most demanding quality management systems (QMS processes). We emphasize process optimization, organizational efficiency, and effective management and assembly processes to streamline operations, reduce costs, and maximize productivity.

Solve Sustainability Regulations of the Future

Boyd’s global presence and in-region ISO 14001 certifications enable environmental practices tailored to regional regulations and standards, ensuring compliance and sustainable operations. Our longstanding partnerships with AI compute and eMobility industries allow us to stay at the forefront of technological advancements and anticipate evolving consumer needs solving sustainability regulations for the future.

Benefits of AC/ADAS, AI, & ML

Reduce energy consumption and improve fuel efficiency in EVs by optimizing battery usage, routes, predictive energy management, and much more using ADAS.

Enhance safety by alerting drivers to potential hazards and, in some cases, taking corrective actions on their behalf.

Prevent breakdowns and costly repairs by monitoring vehicle health and alerting drivers to potential maintenance needs with ADAS.

Automate repetitive and labor-intensive tasks, improving efficiency and productivity using AI and ML.

Process vast amounts of data quickly extracting valuable insights, patterns, and trends to make data-driven decisions that enhance business strategies and operations.

Personalize recommendations, services, and experiences, leading to higher customer satisfaction and engagement using AI-powered algorithms.

Anticipate trends, customer behavior, and market changes by predictive analysis based on historical data using AI.

AC/ADAS, AI, & ML Challenges

Increased Cooling Requirements: The higher processing capabilities demanded by AI-powered systems, including Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and other applications, lead to increased heat generation that requires more efficient cooling. Components are becoming more compact and there is less available space for cooling solutions. AI applications require innovative cooling strategies that fit within limited space.

Elevated Energy Consumption: The exponential growth of AI applications and increasing demand for higher processing capabilities raise significant concerns about energy consumption in data centers. Many AI algorithms require massive amounts of computational power to process and analyze large datasets, resulting in high energy consumption during model training and inference.


Boyd for AI and Autonomous Computing

500K+ liquid cold plates installed in the field with zero leaks for safe direct liquid cooling interfaces

30 billion + field hours with zero leaks in liquid cooling systems to reliably maximize performance

Quiet solutions reduce environmental noise pollution for safer compute operations

60+ years of field-proven performance and over 1 billion units shipped in transportation, aerospace, and defense applications for trusted reliability in markets where safety is a key concern

20+ years of thermal design expertise and robust, proprietary modeling tools to iterate designs quickly and accelerate speed to market

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