Electrical Insulation Protects Users and Electronics

Why Use Electrical Insulation?

As electronic devices become more advanced and compact, they require more power and incorporate more complex internal technologies. Densely packed high-voltage components significantly increase device power density, creating a greater risk of electrical sparks and short circuits.

Polymeric Film Electrical Insulators

Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, and Polyamide thin film plastics with high performance dielectric properties, excellent breakdown voltage, and high electrical resistance offer a flexible, lightweight, cost-effective, and versatile solution for a range of electrical insulation applications, including labels and three-dimensional isolators. UL 94 V-0 or FR V-0 (flame rated) electrical insulators can withstand direct exposure to high heat and flame to specified test standards, meaning flame-rated electrical insulators also function as a flame barrier for improved safety.

Graphic Overlays

Durable full-color labels and branding printed on electrically insulating polymeric films supplied with pressure-sensitive adhesive for easy peel-and-stick application.

System Information Labels

Service, maintenance, and warning labels printed on thin film electrical insulation materials like polycarbonate or polypropylene with tight registration control for precise instructional printing.

Ceramic and Mica Insulators

Ceramic insulators offer both high thermal conductivity and electrical insulation, ideal for applications that require high breakdown voltage and dielectric strength while still conducting heat. Mica insulators offer high dielectric strength combined with excellent chemical, physical, thermal, and mechanical properties for a durable electrical insulator.

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Meets Requirements

UL approved materials and solutions assure fire and device safety testing compliance.

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Protect Users

Reduce user shock risk during installation and maintenance with dielectric materials.

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Prevent Short-Circuits

Electical barriers isolate flame and spark voltage.


Lightweight and Thin

Excellent choice when weight or mass is a concern, like aerospace or eMobility applications.


Moisture Resistance

Efficient moisture-resistant electrical insulation performance for electronic devices and eMobility applications.


High Thermal Stability

Reliable choice for high-temperature medical, electrical, and electronic applications.

printed electrical isolation safety information label

Cool and Protect EV Batteries Against Collision and Thermal Runaway

Prevent Component Damage

Boyd's dielectric materials are highly effective electrical insulators that protect components from damage caused by spark voltage. They are designed to create a barrier that prevents the flow of electrical current, ensuring that devices operate safely and reliably over an extended lifespan. Boyd's advanced electrical insulation solutions are highly customizable and designed using a wide range of materials.

Boyd’s dielectric insulators are available with UL 94 ratings for both vertical and horizontal burn tests. UL 94 ratings assure electrical insulators can withstand direct exposure to extreme heat and flame for a specified amount of time. Flame rated materials act as flame barriers or isolators, which helps achieve UL certification and pass UL testing. We’re experts in identifying the most suitable raw materials and configurations for your product design to achieve optimal electrical insulation performance and compliance with electrical and flammability requirements.

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Solve Multiple System Functions

Boyd identifies complementary components and functionality ideal to integrate into a single component. We integrate labels and air baffle components with electrically insulating materials in an electronic enclosure to eliminate the need to source multiple components.

Server cabinet service instruction labels printed on UL 94 rated dielectric insulators isolate the server door from spark voltage, protect maintenance technicians from electrical shock, and ensure compliance with safety regulations. This integration eliminates the need to source two separate components, simplifying the design and assembly process and reducing costs.

Polymeric Electrical Insulators


High Durability

Withstand the stresses and strains of use in electrical devices.


High Dielectric Strength

Provides reliable electrical insulation and protects against electrical arcing.

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Excellent Flexibility

Easily bent or shaped to fit the contours of the electrical components they are protecting.

Dependable Performance

Boyd’s Electrical Insulators are reliable and safe barriers or shields for high electrical energy levels in harsh environments. Excellent dielectric strength ensures that electrical equipment operates efficiently while minimizing the risk of premature electrical failure..

Boyd’s polymeric electrical insulators are available in polycarbonate, propylene, and polyimide film options making them versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications that require high electrical and breakdown voltage resistance. These materials have high electrical, chemical, and mechanical integrity even at high temperatures. Our polymeric films are available UL 94 rated and RoHS compliant.

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