Environmental Sealing & Protection

Protect your products with Boyd’s environmental seals and solutions that help protect against shock, noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH), buzz, squeak, and rattle (BSR), fluid ingress or exposure to particulates. Environmental seals and protection improve the reliability and lifetime of your products by limiting the wear and tear your components experience.

Enable Longer Product Lifetimes with Environmental Sealing and Protection

Environmental seals and protection solutions enable longer product lifetimes by assuring they reliably withstand demanding environmental conditions. These solutions protect against dust and liquid ingress, reduce scratching, wear or erosion of critical components, and mitigate the effects of shock, noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH). Boyd’s environmental sealing solutions keep dust, liquid and debris out of sensitive equipment, manage or direct airflow, divert and transport liquids, absorb mechanical or acoustic energy, and seal surfaces against the elements and consumer use environments.

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Extensive Material Science Knowledge

Boyd’s manufacturing services includes processes like injection molding, compression molding, transfer molding, vacuum molding, formed or multi-shot over-molding, stamping, die cutting and rotary converting. We mix and match these manufacturing technologies and leverage our extensive material science knowledge to produce complex ingress protection, NVH, surface protection, and other environmental sealing solutions. Our process expertise creates components that meet shape, dimensional, and performance requirements with innovative and cost-effective tooling and quick time to market. We can also color and texture match to ensure your product has a consistent design and brand compliance while continuing to meet demanding sealing and use requirements.

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Liquid and Airflow Management

Control or prevent liquid flow with products that divert, seal, or protect against challenging environmental conditions or manage internal flows.

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Enclosures and Chassis

Enclosures and chassis protect complex systems from dust and debris in a single protective environment. Enclosures can integrate multiple features like wire passthroughs, sealing maintenance doors, access points, or other essential components to streamline assembly, operation, and maintenance.

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Shock, Noise, Vibration and Harshness

Boyd helps you reduce the effects of NVH and shock by combining materials, manufacturing processes, and geometry for vibration isolators, dampers, and cushions. Boyd enables designers to focus on improving the functionality of end products instead of troubleshooting NVH and shock issues.


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