Enable Longer Product Lifetimes with Environmental Sealing and Protection

Environmental Seals and Protection Solutions enable longer product lifetimes by assuring they reliably withstand demanding environmental conditions. These solutions protect against dust and liquid ingress, reduce scratching, wear or erosion of critical components, and mitigate the effects of shock, noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). Boyd’s environmental sealing solutions keep dust, liquid and debris out of sensitive equipment, manage or direct airflow, divert and transport liquids, absorb mechanical or acoustical energy, and seal surfaces against the elements and consumer use environments.

Extensive Material Science Knowledge

Boyd’s manufacturing services includes processes like injection molding, compression molding, transfer molding, vacuum molding, formed or multi-shot over-molding, stamping, die cutting and rotary converting. We mix and match these manufacturing technologies and leverage our extensive material science knowledge to produce complex ingress protection, NVH, surface protection, and other environmental sealing solutions. Our process expertise creates components that to meet shape, dimensional, and performance requirements with innovative and cost-effective tooling and quick time to market. We can also color and texture match to ensure your product has a consistent design and brand compliance while continuing to meet demanding sealing and use requirements.

Boyd employs a variety of solutions and methodologies to reduce the effects of NVH and shock. By selecting the right material, manufacturing process, and geometry for products like vibration isolators, stamped dampers, grommets, bumpers and cushions, Boyd enables device and technology designers to focus on improving the functionality of end products instead of troubleshooting NVH and shock issues.

Particle and Fluid Ingress Protection Solutions are designed to protect against the possibility of widely varying contaminants that accompany diverse end consumers who expose or use these products in an overwhelming variety of environments. Engineered Material experts at Boyd evaluate an extensive library of material science options to select the optimal raw material for an application. We partner with you to custom configure a solution for your unique application with ease of assembly or installation, reliability, sustainability, and logistics efficiency in mind. We utilize smart industrial design for manufacturing to identify the optimal production processes to fabricate these solutions for you at total lowest landed cost assuring you receive a high quality ingress protection solution that will exceed your performance expectations.

Containing and directing these fluids is a performance or functionality enabler. Corner molds and bottom pans in an RV are designed to direct excess moisture and water away from RV slide out rooms protecting against leaks and water damage. Blow molded tanks seal and contain liquids so they are stored and protected for later use. Boyd’s experienced field application engineers collaborate with you to design a solution that starts with optimal raw material selection to withstand environmental exposures like UV, oil or harsh chemicals. Our FAEs collaborate with you to optimize industrial design to best fit within your custom application and design for manufacturing for best fabrication efficiencies creating a highly durable liquid management solution custom designed for total lowest landed cost.

Filter environmental dust, debris and contaminants that can damage or foul up operating systems with custom air filters. Boyd Airflow Management solutions help extend the time between maintenance cycles, reduce warranty claims and improve operational efficiency.

Consolidating sourcing activities with Boyd enables you to focus on higher value-add solutions. Using a window seal as an example, we would explore the design surrounding this window seal for efficiencies within our capabilities. Streamlining the fabrication and sourcing of the window seal with the attendant window frame, glass, screen, and handle removes your burden of sourcing those components separately and assembling them within your operation. With strong design support and expertise in molded and extruded polymers, bent aluminum extruded frames, connectors, glass, reinforcing springs, nuts, bolts, durable brackets and other complementary components, Boyd’s expert design teams work with you to create a durable solution customized for your specific assembly application.

Environmental Enclosures & Chassis protect complex systems from dust and debris in a single component. By utilizing an Environmental Cabinet or Enclosure, multiple components and devices can be housed and protected by one comprehensive solution instead of requiring separate protection for each subassembly. Accommodating assembly, maintenance, and operational features like sealing doors, insulating wiring and cable pass through ports as well as integrated full thermal management functionality like heat spreading, air cooling or liquid cooling, make Boyd’s Environmental Cabinets and Enclosures ideal for high performance electronics and power systems.

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