Energy Management

What is Energy Management and Why Does it Matter?

Energy management is the process of leveraging resources to generate and distribute energy with efficiency, reduced costs, and minimal environmental impact. Energy management demands a dynamic, agile framework to meet global needs. Multiple technologies, strategic decision-making, and a variety of energy sources and consumption sites requires an efficient, responsive network that optimizes energy usage across various energy-related systems while driving sustainable growth and innovation.

Why Boyd?

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Boost Energy Conversion Efficiency

Increase power generation and conversion performance efficiency.

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Higher Density Power Electronics

Design greater power density components.

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Extend Product Lifetimes

Improve the reliability and lifetime of energy management systems.

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Manage Extreme Temperatures

Cool high heat loads from equipment or from external environmental conditions.

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Boost System Sustainability

Make cooling green with energy efficient, environmentally friendly liquid systems.

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Ruggedize Systems Against Tough Environments

Seal, protect, and shield energy management systems from external exposure.

Maximize BESS Performance with Boyd’s Sealing and Cooling Technologies

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Liquid Cold Plate Solutions For Industrial, Medical, and Renewables

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Power Electronics Inverter Cooling

Examples of Energy Management

Energy management includes power generation, power conversion, and smart grid systems to distribute energy for consumption. Traditional power sources leverage gas or steam turbines to generate power. Alternative energy sources are quickly growing as the power industry continues to invest in renewable energy sources. Wind turbines and solar farms require adequate power conversion to tie into the grid and smart systems to meet varying energy production and demands.

The Boyd Difference for Energy Management

Energy Management Thermal Solutions

The increasing demand for efficient energy production and power conversion, coupled with rising power densities, underscores the critical need for effective cooling solutions. Steam and gas turbines require high performance heat exchangers to extract and produce energy. Power electronics leverage increasingly powerful MOSFETS and IGBTs for more efficient power inversion and conversion.

Boyd has a long history of developing and fabricating reliable high-performance cooling systems for high levels of heat generated by power electronics, ensuring optimal energy conversion, reducing waste heat, and enhancing overall energy utilization and performance. Our integrated solutions and systems utilize optimized thermal technologies such as liquid cooling systems, two-phase cooling assemblies, and more traditional air- cooled solutions to ensure devices are rugged, reliable, and running at top energy efficiency.

Liquid Cold Plate Solutions for e-Mobility and Transportation

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Managing Airflow

Maximize energy recovery through effective airflow management to optimize cooling efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and enhance overall energy management system performance. Boyd leak-sealing foams and gaskets prevent air leakage and optimize airflow, enabling cooling systems to operate at peak performance.

Energy Management Sealing, Insulation, and Shielding Solutions

Boyd’s extensive material science expertise and broad portfolio of sealing products such as O-Rings, custom gaskets, extruded plastics, and molded rubbers enable us to protect energy management, power conversion and inversion, and smart grid systems. Boyd solutions improve energy management system durability in extreme environments. Our EMI/RFI shielding protects equipment from harm by eliminating internal and external electromagnetic interference and crosstalk.

Acoustic Insulation Material

Noise Vibration Harshness and Shock Solutions

Noise Vibration Harshness and Shock Solutions are crucial to reduce internal mechanical wear and mitigate external environmental noise pollution. Boyd’s NVH protection solutions are designed to provide acoustic and vibration damping to safeguard both equipment and technicians.

Prevent Component Damage with the Right Electrical Insulation

Effective electrical insulation contributes to energy management by preventing energy loss through electrical leakage and minimizing the risk of malfunctions that lead to increased energy consumption or downtime. Boyd’s advanced electrical insulation solutions are customizable and designed using a variety of materials to address the insulation needs of different power generation and management applications.

Electrical Insulation

Improve Efficiency, Accuracy, and Customization Capabilities of Labels for Energy Applications

Boyd develops UL, cUL, and CSA approved custom labels to meet our customer’s unique requirements. Enhance safety, brand management, and streamline operations with our multifunctional labels that combine branding, critical information, and other functions into a single, high-quality solution.

Solve Sustainability Regulations of the Future

Boyd’s global presence, adherence to in-region ISO 14001 standards, commitment to environmental practices and sustainability, and partnerships within the power industry enable us to align with regional regulations and stay innovative in addressing evolving consumer demands.


Global Network and Local Support

Boyd is committed to quality management, international standards, and operational efficiency. Our 40+ ISO 9001 certified operations across multiple continents, emphasis on process optimization, organizational efficiency, and effective management highlight our dedication to delivering high-quality products, exceeding customer expectations, and maintaining operational excellence.

Benefits of Energy Management

Drive innovation in technologies and practices that foster the development of smart grids, energy storage solutions, and demand-side management techniques.

Reduce costs, optimize energy consumption, reduce wastage, and improve overall efficiency with effective energy management practices.

Enhance the overall efficiency of the power system, with improved performance and reduced energy losses in power generation, distribution, and consumption by using energy resources more efficiently.

Enable demand response programs, allowing utilities to adjust energy consumption during peak demand periods, balancing load on the grid and preventing overloads.

Facilitate the integration of intermittent renewable energy sources into the grid, ensuring a stable and reliable power supply.

Reduce power outages and disruptions with optimized energy management that enhances the reliability and resilience of the power grid.

Manage power generation and distribution assets, extending their lifespan and reducing maintenance costs by monitoring and optimizing energy consumption.

Energy Management Challenges

Sophisticated Technological Solution Requirement: Integrating diverse energy sources, smart meters, IoT devices, and advanced analytics requires sophisticated technological solutions and interoperability.

Grid Modernization: As energy systems evolve, traditional grids need to be upgraded to smart grids capable of handling bidirectional energy flows, integrating decentralized energy sources, and accommodating electric vehicles.

Data Management and Analytics: Managing and analyzing the vast amount of data generated by smart meters and sensors is complex. Extracting meaningful insights from data requires advanced analytics and data security measures.


30 billion + field hours with zero leaks in liquid cooling systems to reliably and sustainably maximize performance

20+ years of thermal design expertise and robust, proprietary modeling tools to iterate designs quickly and accelerate speed to market

500K+ liquid cold plates installed in the field with zero leaks for safe direct liquid cooling interface to power modules, batteries, inverters, and converters that boost power density and efficiency

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