Gaskets and O-Rings

Boyd has been sealing applications for over 70 years with O-rings, die-cut gaskets, and high performance rubbers, foams, and adhesives. From sealing out liquid and particle ingress, reducing wear and friction between surfaces, or absorbing shock and vibration to reduce NVH impacts, Boyd has been leveraging our material expertise to design and fabricate resilient gaskets and seals.

Improve System Reliability and Lifetime with Gaskets and O-Rings

Gaskets and O-Rings are primarily static seals used to prevent leaks or provide cushion between two opposing surfaces compressed together. O-Rings and Gaskets fill space between mating substrates, compensate for surface irregularities, and can be placed within a groove or cavity to help contain the seal for consistent placement.

Gasket and O-Ring seals are typically constructed from engineered elastomeric materials with custom designed compression force deflection, hardness, compression set resistance and other performance factors. These material characteristics are custom selected enable the seal to conform to less than perfect mating surface finishes or create a pliable, elastic layer between two hard substrates.

Surface irregularities provide leakage paths while friction between two hard substrates creates excessive surface wear and contamination from surface grinding. Boyd’s gasket and o-ring solutions complement rigid substrates and compensate for surface irregularities helping to reduce wear and tear, protect against ingress damage, and prevent contamination from grinding surfaces.

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multilayered foam cushioning gasket with adhesive backing precision converted by Boyd

Cost Effective Solutions Used in a Variety of Applications

Gaskets and O-Rings are generally cost effective solutions and used in most applications. These seals are often constructed of die cut or converted elastomeric sheet materials laminated with pressure sensitive adhesive or polymers molded to specific requirements.

Boyd’s extensive material expertise, product and process design experience, and wide diversity of precision manufacturing methodologies enable us to create reliable and cost-effective custom seals featuring optimal raw material performance characteristics, optimally configured to best fit and perform in your assembly, and fabricated using cost effective manufacturing methodologies.

Complex Blue Gaskets 566x300 1


Boyd’s seals and gaskets meet demanding operating conditions with application-tailored designs and careful raw material selection to meet your environmental and performance requirements. Our experienced engineering team translates your specifications to a fully developed sealing solution that best suits your project.

display, camera, and sensor gaskets for smart phones and tablets converted by Boyd

Display Bonding and Seals

Boyd’s integrated display gaskets are multifunctional components that cushions, seals, and shields in one assembly. Boyd’s bezel bonding segmented frame technology is ideal to reduce waste cost, increase material utilization, and significantly reduce overall customer cost.

stack of assorted color and size x-rings for dynamic sealing

O-Rings and Radial Seals

We strive for the highest quality, on-time delivery, timely shipments, and best customer service in the O-Rings industry. Our engineering team can assist you in technical support and providing the right radial or axial seal for your application.

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