Insulation and Shielding

Enhance user safety and product performance and reliability with Boyd’s Insulation and Shielding solutions that resist noise, heat, shock, or EMI/RFI. Boyd’s SOLIMIDE® Foams insulate noise, vibration, and thermals with outstanding environmental stability.

What Goes Into Making Advanced Display Solutions?

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Protect Sensitive Components with Insulation and Shielding

Insulation and shielding solutions protect sensitive components and users from extreme temperatures, excessive acoustic energy, uncontrolled electricity, electromagnetic interference (EMI), and radio frequency interference (RFI). Insulation and shielding solutions help improve user safety, adoption, and the reliability and efficiency of complex systems. Boyd Corporation offers solutions that help protect and manage acoustics, extreme heat and cold, electricity, and EMI/ RFI in a variety of formats and materials.


Enhance thermal performance with insulation, reduce crosstalk between components for improved reliability, and protect users against shock.


Enhance passenger comfort with acoustic and heat insulation and heat shielding. Increase EV battery safety with electrical insulation. 


Insulate and improve extreme temperature processes or product testing that include lasers, furnaces, or rapid temperature cycling.

Home Electronics

Manage EMI and RFI and boost shock protection for handheld and portable electronics like smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and gaming systems.

Acoustic Insulation and Damping

Consumers want to use quiet devices that do not make unwanted or unintentional sounds. Engine or motor sounds, squeaks or rattles from vibrating components, power generation, compressors, leaking air and other environmental factors create unintentional noise that decrease customers’ perception of quality, reliability, functionality and overall satisfaction with a device. Boyd has expert acoustic damping and treatment engineers with years of experience designing noise, vibration and harshness solutions for the most demanding, sensitive end device applications that heavily rely on quiet, stable, controlled performance.

We can also analyze existing or late cycle designs to solve unwanted noise challenges with fix-it parts, often by adding acoustic insulation to a product to absorb or block the transmission of sound waves. Fix-it acoustic insulative solutions can act as a barrier for noise, dampen vibration to reduce excessive resonant behavior, absorb noise before it reaches the user, or isolate the source of unwanted noise before it can propagate to other areas of a device.

Improved Safety

Reduce noise pollution and maintain safer operating acoustic levels.

Enhanced Comfort and Convenience

Consumers seek specialty designed audio experiences with minimal background noise.

Dampen, Absorb, Block

Sound management starts with prevention during design through to triage during testing.

SOLIMIDE® Insulating Foams

Boyd SOLIMIDE® Foams, a high performance, open-cell polyimide foam, is lightweight, durable, non-toxic, exceeds FAR25.856 fire resistance requirements and has superior thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

Electrical Insulation

Electrical insulators function as an electrical barrier or shield and come in a wide array of materials and form factors depending upon your application requirements.

EMI/RFI Shielding

Minimize internal interference and crosstalk with EMI shielding or absorbers to protect from errant electromagnetic waves.

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