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Insulation and shielding solutions protect sensitive components and users from extreme temperatures, excessive acoustic energy, uncontrolled electricity, electromagnetic interference (EMI), and radio frequency interference (RFI). Insulation and shielding solutions help improve user safety, adoption, and the reliability and efficiency of complex systems. Boyd Corporation offers solutions that help protect and manage acoustics, extreme heat and cold, electricity, and EMI/ RFI in a variety of formats and materials.


Many products produce unwanted noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) under normal operating conditions. Extra noise can decrease the desirability, safety, and overall success of a product. To improve acoustics, it’s best to engage early in the design phase so we can help your design teams incorporate optimal acoustic solutions. If that’s not possible, we can analyze and recommend fix-it components to an existing design, often by adding acoustic insulation to the product to mitigate the transmission of sound waves to the user. Acoustic solutions can dampen vibration to reduce excessive resonant behavior, act as a barrier for noise or absorb noise before it reaches the user, or isolate the source of noise before propagating to other areas. Boyd Corporation can assist in designing and fabricating acoustic solutions that meet a wide variety of requirements for a broad range of applications.


Manufacturers continue to improve the power and performance of products which in turn generate more heat. This waste heat can become detrimental to safety and efficiency for critical systems and consumer-facing products.

Heat shields and thermal insulation present many options when it comes to material selection, geometry, and assembly. Boyd’s experts collaborate with you to design the solution using our industry-leading precision converting capabilities to create full insulation and shielding solutions for your application, often combining the performance benefits of multiple materials into one easy-to-install deliverable.

In addition to converting, Boyd Corporation also manufactures SOLIMIDE® Foams, a high performance, open-cell polyimide foam. Our SOLIMIDE® Foams product family is lightweight, durable, non-toxic, exceeds FAR25.856 fire resistance requirements and has superior thermal and acoustic insulation properties. SOLIMIDE® Foams are found in aircraft, spacecraft, railcars, marine vessels and other application in one of seven variations to accommodate different temperature and environmental requirements.


Electronics are more powerful and complex than ever before utilizing more devices in smaller, confined spaces with higher voltages and currents. These complex products generate immense internal energy, meaning electrical protection is required to prevent spark voltage and fire, which can endanger the user, damage products, and shorten reliable product lifetimes. Electrical insulators function as an electrical barrier or shield and come in a wide array of materials and form factors depending upon your application requirements. Boyd is well-versed in selecting the right material to protect your product, helping you pass UL certification and testing, and is a world class precision converting expert to produce the right electrical insulation solution for you.

  • Dielectric Insulators
  • Graphic Overlays
  • System Information Labels
  • Thermally Conductive Ceramic Insulators

Electromagnetic waves exposed to conductive surfaces, like wires or cables, generate unexpected current within those wires. This electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RFI) alters existing currents and disrupts the normal operation of electrical devices. Seams and openings in electronic devices provide avenues for uncontrolled energy waves to enter or exit a device, causing erratic performance.

Boyd’s engineering team is experienced in helping customers select the right EMI shielding material and geometry for their product and improve overall product performance. For EMI shielding enclosure or door gaskets, we help you design the optimal shielding solution with proper compression force metrics to optimize the long-term shielding and sealing performance of your application.

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