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For improved passenger safety and enhanced fuel efficiency, Boyd Corporation has best-in-class aero structure, avionics, cabin and in-flight entertainment system components for commercial aircraft. We proudly serve OEMs, third-parties and maintenance, repair and overhaul organizations from multiple AS9100 certified facilities with extensive knowledge of OEM and regulatory specifications like BMS8-283, BMS8-300 and AIMS 04-14-004.

Our flagship aerospace product, SOLIMIDE® Foams, is a lightweight, thermal and acoustic insulation solution that is widely used in private, commercial and military aircraft. Boyd's thermal division, Aavid, designs and manufactures highly optimized, innovative thermal solutions for the aerospace industry. Solutions include intercoolers, complex liquid systems, and integrated two phase cooling with light weight titanium vapor chambers.

Boyd helps you exceed industry standards, regulations and environmental protection goals while maximizing long term performance and reliability. Our solutions include everything from insulation of the cargo bay and environmental control systems to vibration damping in the cabin to thermal management of all aspects of avionics ranging from inflight entertainment systems and navigation controls to fuel cooling.