Thermal Straps & Busses

Passive, reliable, high thermal conductivity transport solutions

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Aavid continues to innovate encapsulated graphite assemblies to create passive, lightweight, reliable, and highly thermally conductive solutions. Thermal busses integrated with k-Core® to combine the lightweight benefits of graphite with the strength of copper or aluminum and offer increased thermal conductivity compared to the enveloping material. By utilizing flexible materials like copper foil, aluminum foil, or polyimide film, to contain and support graphite sheets, thermal straps with k-Core® offer both performance and physical flexibility in your thermal management solution.

Variety of lightweight, metal encapsulated graphite thermal busses with mounting holes

Thermal Strap & Bus Solutions:

Thermal Straps

Passive, flexible heat transport solutions that allow increased movement and a degree of freedom between your heat source and cooler dissipation regions.


Aluminum encapsulated graphite thermal bus

Thermal Busses

High performance heat transport components that support lightweight, high thermal conductivity graphite with higher strength encapsulating materials.

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