About Boyd 

Boyd is the world’s leading innovator in sustainable engineered material and thermal solutions that make our customers’ products better, safer, faster, and more reliable. We develop and combine technologies to solve ambitious performance targets in our customers’ most critical applications. By implementing technologies and material science in novel ways to seal, protect, cool, and interface, Boyd has continually redefined the possible and championed customer success for over 90 years.

We strive to: 

Empower employees and develop their potential.

Cultivate inclusion, diversity, and environmental sustainability.

Collaborate across boundaries.

Do the right things with integrity and accountability.

Be a champion for our customers’ success.

Always Innovate.

Act with a sense of urgency to deliver results.

Boyd is Trusted Innovation

Liquid Cooling System (LCS) for AI and ML Data Centers

eMobility Solutions | EV Thermal Runaway Protection


Innovation demands smaller, lighter, and faster technologies with intuitive new features compete with the need for more sustainable solutions. More smart functionality operating faster in tighter spaces with more sophisticated interfaces mean increased power density and more heat, electrical, and mechanical challenges. Adding further complexity, devices are used in unpredictable environments with harsh conditions and must be contaminant and waterproof, insulated against temperature extremes, and ruggedized. Not only are we determined to find solutions to these challenges, Boyd strives to simplify where possible and create the most wholistic, effective, and sustainable solutions.

Connecting Innovations

Explore how Boyd connects innovations in diverse industries to accelerate you in your markets in our interactive 3D tool. Click the image or the button below to delve into Boyd’s solutions!
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Trusted Global Innovator

We gain unparalleled technology insight solving complex challenges across disruptive markets and the leading customers we serve.​ We cool excessive exhaust heat from eMobility batteries, power inverters, and autonomous compute electronics to maintain safe operating temperatures. We seal battery and compute enclosures against water and road vibration to prevent early failure. We drive thermal technology innovation to manage escalating heat challenges in 5G telecommunication towers, cloud compute, data centers, and connected devices that create, process, and store more data so fast that traditional cooling technologies can’t keep up. From humble beginnings as an industrial fabricator in the Bay Area of California in 1928; Boyd has evolved into a trusted global innovator of high performance, integrated solutions for the most advanced markets.

Empowering Next Generation Disruptive Markets

Since our founding, we’ve continued to adapt and advocate for innovation that empowers the next generation and enhances our future by:

  • Maximizing performance and reducing carbon footprint for today’s connected societies in 5G infrastructure and the world’s most advanced data centers.
  • Enhancing reliability, safety and range for electric and autonomous vehicles.
  • Advancing the accuracy of cutting-edge personal healthcare and diagnostics systems.
  • Empowering human curiosity through the safe exploration of space.
  • Enabling faster, lighter, brighter, more functional displays and technology with greater power density.
  • Driving the adoption of technologies, materials, and processes that improve sustainability and reduce carbon emissions.

Think Global and Act Local

Integrated solutions from Boyd enable our customers to innovate and redefine their industries. We identify and solve challenges with them. We adapt research and development theory into scalable manufacturable products, ensuring cutting edge solutions. Core to Boyd’s global, large-scale manufacturing is a deep commitment to protect the environment with sustainable, lean operations that reduce waste and minimize carbon footprint.​ Redundantly installed design and manufacturing services across three continents enhances global agility and business continuity with responsive local, regional and global support, enabling us to think global and act local.

An Attractive Industrial Platform

Boyd is a global leader with focus on its diverse people, customers, technology, innovation, and materials. By responding to market needs of today and performance requirements of the future, we’re an attractive industrial platform:

  • Integral technology partner for high growth disruptive markets.
  • Technology aligned to solving megatrend performance challenges.
  • Advanced proprietary technologies with deep application knowledge leverageable across diverse markets.
  • Trusted design innovation partner for many of the world’s most well-known brands with established positions on long cycle platforms and rapid content gains on short cycle platforms.
  • Highly engineered, custom technologies solve critical functionality challenges and enable disruptive technologies.
  • Solutions are low percentage of total end product cost with high cost to switch.
  • Fast footprint response to geopolitical impacts and customer regionalization strategies to maintain and grow share.
  • Rapid design and prototyping cycles enables faster customer time to market and early lead supply partner position.
  • Global footprint with regional design and responsiveness for best geography mass production with local, customer-first service.
  • Premium growth profile.
  • Successful acquisition platform with proven strategy.

Boyd is Trusted Innovation.

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Boyd Leadership

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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Boyd’s ESG commitments are based on our role as a global and local citizens. We depend on trust and confidence we earn from employees, customers, suppliers, distributors, shareholders, and communities. We gain credibility by complying with applicable laws and regulations, honoring commitments, showing respect, working with integrity, and reaching goals through honest conduct.

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Help Center

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Boyd’s global manufacturing footprint, engineering design centers and clean room capabilities from Class 100 to Class 100,000 provide consistent quality, speed and cost-effectiveness with centers of excellence and quality management systems to meet the unique needs of highly diversified industries, providing you reliability throughout the product life cycle.

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Boyd’s success comes from the hard work of our dedicated manufacturing teams, our passionate sales members, creative engineers and technical staff, and everyone in between. As a trusted innovator developing cutting edge solutions, Boyd helps transform technologies and our way of life.

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