Engineered Materials

Boyd Corporation is an expert in Engineered Materials and Material Science. We use our material science experience to design and manufacture solutions that improve the safety, efficiency, reliability, branding, and lifetime of your products and components. We help make your products lighter, last longer, perform faster, more reliable, and improve overall customer satisfaction. Boyd’s Engineered Material solutions help you overcome performance challenges that enable innovation, advanced functionality, and enhanced performance.


Enhance Functionality and Performance

Leverage Boyd’s ability to generate multi-functional assemblies with a wide range of advanced materials.


Reduce Component Costs

Streamline assembly and consolidate your BOM and supply chain to minimize overall costs.


Improve Product Sustainability

Our process innovations, transitioning to improve material utilization and production yields, limiting waste.

Raw Material Expertise

Boyd’s expertise in raw materials enables our engineering and manufacturing team to configure solutions that you can use to seal and protect devices and components. We leverage decades of material science expertise and extensive material supplier relationships to find the best fit material that balances function, performance, and cost to develop the most effective solution for your product.

What Engineered Materials Can Do for Your Product

Product designers need solutions that enhance product performance and efficiency, maintain environmental purity, and prolong product lifecycles. By sealing out air, dust, debris, liquids, and contaminants, Boyd’s solutions maintain optimal internal operating environments for sensitive components and surfaces. Boyd solutions can direct, shield or insulate energy like light, EMI, sound & noise, electricity, and mechanical vibration to help customers protect products, improve perceived quality, and extend device lifetimes. Engineered Material Solutions from Boyd prevent unintended device failure, minimize wear and tear, reduce fabrication and maintenance costs, and maximize customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Boyd

Boyd’s material scientists serve as the technology bridge between your design teams and the overwhelming amount of raw materials globally available that could potentially serve the functionality and aesthetic needs of your device. We engineer and fabricate these raw materials into custom configurations streamlined to efficiently integrate in your assembly operations, optimized for total lowest landed cost, and with sustainability in mind.

Engineered Material Solutions

Bonding & Adhesive Systems

Adhere and bond substrates or components together into an assembly with highly engineered materials; from a broad range of adhesives, tapes, optically clear adhesives (OCA), and other attachment materials.

Environmental Protection & Sealing

Seal and Protect sensitive components, mating surfaces, and complex systems against dust and debris, moisture, shock, noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) and other unwanted contaminants.

Surface Protection & Enhancement

Temporary or permanent protection for sensitive surfaces and edges in various production stages or end use environments.

Information & Labeling

Identify and defend your brand, convey instructions and safety warnings.

Insulation & Shielding

Protect against extreme temperatures, acoustic energy, spark voltage, and electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI and RFI).

Health & Safety

Engineered medical materials manufactured in cleanrooms ranging from class 100 to 100k within ISO 13485 and FDA certified facilities.

Gaskets & O-Rings

Seal the space between mating surfaces with robust elastomeric materials to prevent leakage, excessive wear, and contaminant ingress.

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