Mobile Electronics

Mobile electronics have become a cornerstone of our modern lifestyle with smartphones, tablets, and notebooks in countless offices and homes across the globe. Consumers consistently demand thinner and lighter products that are more powerful and connect faster than ever before.

Boyd is a world leader in designing and manufacturing fully integrated sealing, protection, and thermal solutions for mobile electronics to meet ever increasing performance requirements. Our world class expertise, manufacturing, and customer support helps reduce design cycle time with rapid prototyping capabilities, assembly time by combining multiple components into a single assembly for final production, and landed costs by decreasing OEM’s managed vendor list.

What Goes Into Making Advanced Display Solutions

Mobile Electronics Sealing Solutions

Consumers use their mobile electronics in nearly every environment, accelerating the need for adequate sealing solutions against liquid immersion and particulates. Consumers expose mobile electronics to an onslaught of environmental hazards like spilled liquids, dust, and dirt as they have become integral in our active lifestyles.

Boyd broad offering of IP seals, gaskets, and advanced adhesive assemblies ensure sensitive components like cameras, sensors, speakers, microphones, and PCBs stay safe and sealed away from environmental hazards that can hinder reliable performance and the excellent customer experience you want. With advanced rotary converting manufacturing technology in Class 100 cleanrooms, Boyd has pure operational environments to provide particulate-free components for the most sensitive applications with the highest visual and aesthetic demands. Boyd’s sealing innovative solutions enhance operational efficiency with access to creative new manufacturing processes as well as maximize product reliability and customer satisfaction with long term sealing performance.

Mobile Electronics Thermal Solutions

Consumers demand electronics to be fully mobile with more processing power and better performance. Smaller products with higher performance face the challenge of dramatically increasing power density. Excessive heat damages internal components and can cause products to perform poorly, shorten product lifespans, and put consumers at risk for heat-related injuries. To ensure long mobile electronic lifetimes, effective thermal management solutions must dissipate heat efficiently and safely. Dissipating heat more quickly and effectively enables greater power density designs, which either means smaller dimensional footprint of devices or higher-powered internal components resulting in smaller handheld devices.

Boyd has decades of experience designing, manufacturing, and testing low profile thermal management solutions that meet or exceed customer requirements. Boyd’s expertise covers both active solutions that include low profile, high performance blowers as well as passive solutions, which are ideal for intense product usage, like ultra-thin copper vapor chambers, heat pipes, and graphite spreaders.

Mobile Electronics Protection Solutions

Most mobile electronics must withstand daily use and wear, which means they require high performance solutions that protect sensitive electronics, sensors, and screens them from the elements. Mobile electronics suffer from exposure to mechanical shock, vibration, EMI and RFI, sand, dust and dirt, all of which require adequate protection to mitigate risk to the operational stability and safety of the device.

Boyd’s world class precision converting capabilities produce fully integrated protection solutions specifically designed for mobile electronic products. Our engineering team can match the right materials, adhesives, geometries, and production processes to manufacture high quality and cost-effective protection assemblies with tight tolerance control in an easy-to-assemble delivery format.

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