Heat Pipe Assemblies

Transport Heat Pipe Assemblies

Quickly move thermal energy away from heat sources to dissipate heat remotely.

Heat Spreading Heat Pipe Assemblies

Improve the efficiency of a heat sink by spreading heat evenly along the base to utilize all heat sink fins more effectively.

Copper-Water Heat Pipes

Power long-lasting, effective thermal management assemblies with two phase cooling heat pipes proven in market to function for over 20 years.

Flexible Heat Pipe Assemblies

Add more flexibility into your design to increase dynamic movement, serviceability, and reliability in tight spaces.

High Temperature Heat Pipes

Manage heat in extremely high temperature environments with Aavid’s broad range of material and working fluid options for Heat Pipe Assemblies.

Cryogenic Heat Pipes

Transport Heat in extremely low temperature environments for demanding cryogenic applications with specialized material options.

Loop Heat Pipes

Transport and control the direction of heat over long distances up to 23 meters.

Isothermal Furnace Liners

Create isothermal environments for high temperature industrial processes like chemical processing and crystal growth.

Variable Conductance Heat Pipes (VCHPs)

Control evaporator temperatures without thermal electric controls.

Constant Conductance Heat Pipes (CCHPs)

Passively transport hundreds of Watts of heat up to 3 meters with low-mass axially-grooved CCHPs.

Reliable, Versatile Two-Phase Cooling

Heat Pipe Assemblies combine the proven reliability of passive two phase heat transport with a variety of other thermal management technologies to generate effective, long lasting cooling solutions. Boyd Corporation has been innovating and fabricating heat pipe solutions for more than five decades. Our experience enables us to design and fabricate effective and long-lasting cooling solutions that operate under the most demanding environmental conditions.

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Custom Heat Pipe Assemblies

Boyd’s expertise in heat pipe solutions extend across a broad array of materials, wick types, and working fluids, allowing us to work with your team to customize a Heat Pipe Assembly optimized for your requirements.

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