Air Cooling Systems and Thermal Solutions

Air cooled thermal management solutions are the most common cooling method. They are cost effective and can be a relatively straightforward to install and maintain to extend a device’s lifetime and performance. As the most well-known and widespread manner of cooling, air cooled systems can be found across all industries and in a large percentage of electronics.

Air cooled solutions range from natural convection heat sinks to advanced air flow management systems utilizing custom fans and blowers or even synthetic jet technology. These solutions can be further augmented by incorporating two phase technologies such as heat pipes or vapor chambers for better heat spreading across the passive or forced convection heat sink base.

Two Phase Enhanced Air Cooling for Power Electronics

Optimized Product Performance, Lifetime, and Reliability

Boyd Corporation has both design and manufacturing expertise across all heat sink technologies from basic aluminum extrusions to complicated zipper fin or die cast geometries. This experience combined with our engineers’ in-depth knowledge of air moving technologies and air flow management ensures that our air-cooled systems are fully optimized and efficiently fabricated for optimized product performance, lifetime, and reliability.

Heat Sinks can be used on their own with appropriate interface material and mounting for a complete passive cooling solution through natural convection to the ambient air. However, more advanced systems utilize heat sinks engineered for forced convection cooling with use of a fan or blower for more powerful cooling of higher heat loads. Heat sinks come in a variety of constructions and choosing the correct geometry is dependent on application parameters such as air flow, flow type, environmental conditions, and available volume.

Boyd has hundreds of standard fan options including preassembled fan heat sink combinations. Fans and blowers are easily paired with existing or custom heat sinks to improve the effectiveness of the thermal management solution. We are experienced in customizing high performance fans and blowers for more demanding applications. Our experienced design team, and comprehensive manufacturing and test facilities, can produce higher flow rates while minimizing acoustics and vibration, allowing customers additional system design flexibility.

Air to air heat exchangers are an effective way to transfer heat between two separate air systems, whether it’s moving heat from inside an enclosure to ambient air or from one enclosed air system to another. By using conduction or passive two phase systems like heat pipes or vapor chambers to transfer heat from one side of the heat exchanger to the other, Boyd can design and manufacture effective air-to-air heat transfer solutions.

Integrated enclosures or chassis that include thermal management technologies are becoming more popular as application SWaP requirements become more stringent. More creative engineers are incorporating heat spreading, thermal joints, and other techniques so that enclosures and chassis can act as both a structural and thermal solution. Popular fabrication methods include aluminum die casting, sheet metal bending, welding, dip brazing, and vacuum brazing as well as integrating two phase or graphite heat spreading technologies such as heat pipes and k-Core encapsulated graphite.

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