Heat Sinks

The Aavid portfolio of standard and custom heat sinks is the broadest and widest in the world available today. From small stamped aluminum parts for cooling discrete semiconductors at the board level to extremely large thermal systems utilizing large advanced fin types and unique geometries, Aavid is the industry leader in heat sink design and manufacture.

In addition to hundreds of standard part numbers with thousands of options, Aavid provides custom cut and machined extrusions, high heat transfer fin types, industry-specific heat sinks, and advanced manufacturing techniques for better performance such as embedded heat pipes.

In 2017, Aavid Genie was launched, an online heat sink design application. Free to register and start designing, Aavid Genie allows users to design a heat sink and run a thermal simulation in minutes.Visit the website to learn more.

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Heat Sink Options & Fabrications

Board Level & Stamped Heat Sinks

Heat sinks designed for cooling devices on printed circuit boards. Includes a number of geometries, mounting options, and attachment types.

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Extruded Aluminum

Available in raw bar, cut to length, or machined to specifications. Hundreds of profiles in stock.

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BGA/FPGA Heat Sinks

Hundreds of options for easy to assemble thermal solutions specifically designed for devices such as ball grid arrays and field-programmable gate arrays.

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The Max Clip System

Save assembly time and costs while improving thermal performance with this system utilizing specialized clips and highly engineered heat sinks.

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LED Heat Sinks

Available for all major light engine manufacturers, uniquely designed heat sinks for LEDs that can be paired with SynJets® for high performance, reliable, light weight cooling.

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Skived Fin

Skiving process allows for higher fin densities and fin aspects while maintaining the integrity and thermal performance of a one piece heat sink vs bonded or brazed. Standard copper as well as custom skived fin heat sinks available.

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Bonded Fin

Fins are epoxied, soldered, or brazed into an extruded or cast base in order to achieve a higher fin aspect ratio and fin density, and therefore vastly improving the heat sinks’ thermal performance.

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Folded Fin

Fins folded in unique geometries to maximize surface area and therefore heat transfer. Fins can be purchased separately or as part of a thermal system, such as within a heat exchanger or on a heat sink.

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Zipper Fin

Zipper Fin process allows for high fin aspect ratio but allows for more design flexibility. Zipper fins are extremely cost efficient in larger volumes.

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Brazed Heat Sinks

A type of bonded fin heat sink, brazed heat sinks offer greater structural integrity and thermal performance than epoxied bonded fins. Aavid offers a number of brazing capabilities including CAB and Vacuum.

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Die Cast Heat Sinks

Casting allows for near net parts in complex geometries constructed in a single piece of metal so as to not incur addition thermal resistance. Aavid can accommodate both High Pressure Die Casting and High Density Die Casting.

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Fan/Heat Sink Combos

Fan, heat sink, and interface material pre-assembled as a full thermal solution that can be easily attached to your board or device.

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Advanced Base Options

A number of unique manufacturing capabilities and technologies allow Aavid Engineers to improve the performance of your heat sink without increasing volume.

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