Aluminum Extrusion Profiles

Boyd’s large portfolio of extrusion profiles meets the requirements of a broad array of applications. Minimize design costs and increase turnaround time by using an existing profile.

Extensive Options

Meet specific installation needs with a wide variety of mounting options.

Wallet-Friendly Solutions

Cost-effective and readily available solutions.

Longer Product Lifetimes

Increase device reliability with passive air cooling.

Easy Installation

Eliminate the need for mounting holes, screws or rivets while optimizing contact and thermal efficiency of heat sinks with Max Clips™.

Fast and Cost-Effective Aluminum Extrusion Solutions with Boyd

Boyd maintains the world’s largest portfolio of extruded heat sink profiles with over 1,000 shapes. Utilize our broad extrusion profile library to develop custom and semi-custom air-cooled solutions. Our extruded heat sink profiles range from simple flat-back fin structures to complex geometries for optimized cooling. Aluminum extrusions utilize alloys 6063 and 6061 for their high thermal conductivity.

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Aluminum Extrusion Solutions

Meet Application Requirements with the Right Aluminum Extrusion Solution

Boyd’s broad array of extruded heat sink profiles and advanced manufacturing methods enable us to fabricate optimized heat sinks to meet demanding application requirements. Our aluminum extrusions utilize alloys 6063 and 6061 for their high thermal conductivity.

Extruded Aluminum Heat Sinks

An extruded aluminum heat sink is one of the most popular and cost-efficient heat sink fabrication methods. Boyd produces a range of standard extruded heat sink options to have quick solutions optimized for board-level devices. Standard heat sinks are pre-cut. Finished heat sinks that include installation hardware are available with different mounting holes and pre-applied thermal interface materials to streamline PCB assembly. Boyd’s standard DC/DC converter heat sinks are designed to cool half, quarter, and one-eighth brick sizes as well as the Vicor style footprint.

Popular Extruded Aluminum Heat Sinks

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529701B02500GCheck Distributor Stock
530002B02500GCheck Distributor Stock
375424B00034GCheck Distributor Stock
374324B60023GCheck Distributor Stock

Aluminum Extrusion Profiles

For applications that require more customization, we utilize our broad extrusion profile library to develop custom and semi-custom air cooled solutions. Boyd extruded heat sink profiles range from simple flat back fin structures to complex geometries for optimized cooling. If a standard profile extrusion doesn’t meet your application requirements, our engineering team has spent decades designing new extrusions, balancing manufacturability with heat sink function. Contact our engineering team if you have a project that you think would benefit from a custom extruded heat sink.

Max Clip™ Heat Sink System

Boyd’s Max Clip™ System is a high-performance, low-cost thermal solution for discrete power semiconductors. The thermal system combines Boyd’s Max Clips with specialized extruded Max Clip Heat Sinks for optimized thermal contact, eliminating the need for mounting holes, screws, or rivets. The Max Clip™ System accommodates a variety of semiconductor packages including TO-220, TO-218, TO-247, TO-3P, and packages without mounting holes like TO-262, TO-273, TO-274, and TO-251.

Max Clips™

Max Clips™ are quick, robust attachments that save on labor and hardware costs while increasing design flexibility. Max Clips™ apply consistent, uniform pressure at the center of the semiconductor, improving contact with the heat sink for better thermal performance and maximum component reliability. With traditional hardware, mounting force is set at the time of assembly and decreases over the product’s service life. Max Clips™ enable long-term reliability with sustained mounting pressure. We offer more than 50 Max Clip extrusion profiles featuring specialized geometries and groove patterns optimized for use with over 20 different Max Clips to suit a wide range of applications.

Popular Max Clips™

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MAX03NGCheck Distributor Stock
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MAX08NGCheck Distributor Stock

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