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Manufacturers and engineers are designing and fabricating more complex products than ever before, which requires additional research and background knowledge to make informed and confident decisions. We’ve collected our best Sealing, Protection, and Thermal Technical Resources here to help you learn more about the technologies we use to solve your challenges.

Our blog periodically covers technology news, common issues in applications, product tear downs, and technology 101 sections to help build a solid foundational understanding for sealing, thermal, and protection solutions. Case studies review specific products and how the Boyd team came together to solve specific customer challenges. The video section contains all our videos that cover everything from a high-level introduction to Boyd to more detailed topics like how to apply thermal grease. Technical Papers go into more depth in a single concept in sealing, thermal, or protection technologies.

The technical glossary reviews common terms and acronyms that we use in the industry while the material library defines many, but not all, of the materials that Boyd utilizes to fabricate solutions.

As we’re always innovating and adding new capabilities to our portfolio, our engineers can speak more in depth and specifically to your application. If you don’t find the information you’re looking for, please contact our team for more assistance.

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