Conduction Cooling Solutions

Reliable, high performance heat transfer & heat spreading

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Conduction cooling solutions rely on direct contact with materials with high thermal conductivity to effectively transfer heat. Conduction solutions can be simple like thermal interface materials, often a film or silicone pad embedded with high conductivity filler, or they can be more complex solutions like a lightweight aluminum chassis with an encapsulated graphite core.

One of the key benefits of conduction cooling solutions is that they are passive solutions that don’t require moving components, meaning high reliability, less wear and tear, and low maintenance.

In addition to a broad portfolio of traditional conduction solutions, Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation is the world leader in creating advanced conduction solutions utilizing encapsulated graphite to combine lightweight, highly thermally conductive graphite into either machinable or flexible formats in our k-Core® product line.


Heat spreaders are an ideal solution for rapidly and evenly distributing high density heat loads. Heat spreaders are often used to increase heat distribution to additional surface area like heat sinks or heat exchangers, which improves the overall thermal performance of the assembly. Heat spreaders can also be integrated into complex assemblies or geometries for high performance chassis or enclosures where internal volume is at a premium. Aavid’s k-Core® technology and manufacturing processes enables extremely lightweight heat spreaders utilizing encapsulated graphite.

Through precise control over the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) of our k-Core® products where we can create high performance Thermal Ground Plane (TGP) products. With a matching CTE, Thermal Ground Plane solutions significantly reduce thermal resistance at the die level and prevent shear between surfaces during thermal cycling. Customers can install our CTE matched products directly to their die, whether it’s silicon, silicon carbide (SiC), aluminum silicon carbide (AlSiC), gallium nitride (GaN) or any other material.


Aavid is the pioneer in utilizing encapsulated graphite to create lightweight, yet highly thermally conductive solutions. Thermal busses integrated with k-Core® to combine the lightweight benefits of graphite with the strength of copper or aluminum and offer thermal conductivity greater than the encapsulating material. By utilizing flexible encapsulant materials like copper foil, aluminum foil, or polyimide film, thermal straps with k-Core® offer increased design flexibility while maintaining performance.

  • Thermal Busses

Nearly every thermal management solution requires thermal interface material to decrease the thermal resistance between the heat load and the thermal solution. Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) come in a wide variety of options that include electrically isolating, compliant, adhesive or tacky, phase change, and reinforced.

Aavid engineers are highly skilled in identifying the best material and/or geometry for your applications needs. Utilizing Boyd’s vast converting capabilities and capacity further enhances these thermal solutions, providing complete, ready to install solutions to our customers, saving assembly time and reducing costs.

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