Thermal Interface Materials

Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) are a critical portion to any effective thermal management system as they transfer heat between solid surfaces. Boyd provides a full array of thermal interface materials, from soft materials like gap fillers, phase change materials, and thermal grease to less compliant materials like thermal rubber pads, films, and thermally conductive hardware. Our broad portfolio contains many options that include electrical isolating properties, adhesives, reinforcement, carriers, and a variety of hardnesses to meet varying application requirements.

Aavid’s Engineering Team is well-equipped to help you determine the best material to meet your project’s needs. We leverage our relationships with suppliers and our TIM expertise developed from decades of tests and projects to pick the material best suited for your application.

Boyd’s precision converting and assembly expertise can custom fabricate and pre-apply Thermal Interface Materials on Aavid’s thermal management solutions like liquid cold plates or heat sinks. By providing complete, ready-to-install thermal management solutions, we help customers reduce assembly time and costs with a complete thermal product.

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Adhesive Tapes

Thermally conductive adhesive tapes act as both a thermal and mechanical joint, ideal for creating complex layered assemblies.

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Gap Fillers

Soft thermally conductive materials uniquely designed to allow for variations in surfaces.

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Thermal Pads

Rubber pads that often come with tear resistance for more rugged applications.

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Thermal Films

Low cost thermal insulators designed for easy application and improved heat conductance.

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Phase Change

Unique materials that change from solid to film-like grease for increased stability and easy application.

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Thermal Grease

Thermally conductive compounds with high wet-out and thin bondlines that eliminates air in the interface area.

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Thermal Epoxies

Epoxies and glues that provide both thermal conductivity and strong adhesion and can be used where no mounting holes are available.

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Graphite Films & Pads

High heat spreading capabilities with high heat resistance in low profiles.

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Thermally Conductive Hardware

Available in a range of base materials to provide a variety of dielectric and thermally conductive attributes.

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