Heat Exchangers

Dissipate heat from high powered liquid cooling systems either into ambient air or into a secondary liquid cooling system through liquid heat exchangers.

Rugged, High Reliability

Brazing assures quality system joints for long term, reliable performance.

More Compact Cooling Systems

Enhanced cooling system surface area for higher cooling performance without increasing thermal system size.

Leverage Liquid Cooling in Any System

Reject liquid cooling system heat to secondary air or liquid exhaust systems.

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liquid heat exchanger

Liquid Heat Exchangers: Liquid System Heat Rejection

Optimize the performance of your liquid cooling system with the best-fit liquid heat exchangers from Boyd. Our liquid heat exchangers design expertise paired with our breadth of manufacturing techniques enable us to make the most of your cooling system.

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How Do Liquid Heat Exchangers Work?

Liquid heat exchangers absorb heat from the hot liquid flow, conduct it through the heat exchanger, and reject it into the secondary fluid flow. Heat exchangers typically employ additional surface area like stamped or folded fins to increase the rate of heat transfer.

Liquid heat exchangers’ efficiency depends on design, flow configuration, surface area, flow rates, and temperature differences between the two liquids. Engineers optimize each parameter for the specific application so liquid heat exchangers effectively transfer thermal energy between fluids.

Why Use Heat Exchangers?

To function, liquid cooling systems need a heat exchanger to reject heat. Liquid heat exchangers enables liquid systems to absorb heat while maintaining safe operating temperatures.

cupronickel tube fin heat exchanger
flat tube heat exchanger

Boyd’s Liquid Cooling System Excellence

Boyd’s engineering team use their expertise to select from hundreds of custom and semi-custom liquid heat exchangers which include a variety of fin options, heat pipes integration possibilities, and other enhancements to design an optimized solution for your liquid system. Our team is well-versed in an extensive selection of fluids, oils, and coolants, and a wide range of fabrication methods to design and manufacture liquid heat exchangers to enhance your liquid system.

Liquid Heat Exchangers Technologies

Liquid Heat Exchangers: Plate-Fin Heat Exchangers

Solid plates conduct heat from liquid flow paths to secondary fluid flows and offer increased structural integrity and easy customization.

custom plate fin heat exchanger
copper heat exchanger

Liquid Heat Exchangers: Tube-Fin Heat Exchangers

Also known as finned coil heat exchangers, Tube-Fin Heat Exchanger utilize tubes that pass through a dense fin stack mechanically supported by a mounting frame.

Liquid Heat Exchangers: Flat Tube Heat Exchangers

Flat tube liquid heat exchangers consist of flat tubes with extended surface channels coupled with external fins. The tubes provide additional heat transfer through a large internal surface area in contact with the fluid. Header manifolds designed for flat tube heat exchangers result in a low pressure drop that require smaller, less expensive pumps. The flat tube and extended fin structure results in an efficient, rugged, and lightweight solution ideal for challenging applications.

Our standard ES oil cooler series features aluminum flat tube heat exchangers engineered for high performance with poor heat transfer fluids such as oils and ethylene glycol/water (EGW) mixtures. Our oil coolers provide up to 2.5 times greater thermal performance per unit volume than competitive oil cooler models. Boyd’s flat tubes can be bent as tight as a 6.35 mm (0.25 in.) radius, allowing for unique, curved heat exchangers that can be further integrated into your custom system. We can add custom fittings, manifolds, paint, or anodize for extra integration and environmental protection.


Analytical & laboratory equipment, factory machinery cooling,
plastic injection & molding equipment, chemical processing temperature control, food and beverage processing, electric discharge machining (EDM), laser equipment, induction heating.

Power Generation

Power supplies and power generation stations.


Medical imaging equipment, MRI machines, dental equipment, lasers & optical equipment.

Liquid Heat Exchangers: Standard Flat Tube Heat Exchangers

Boyd’s standard flat tube liquid heat exchangers have aluminum fins and flow paths, with 3/8 – 18 NPT fittings, and pre-installed fan plate. Customers have the option of adding a fan kit with their heat exchanger, with either 115V or 230V fans. Max. operating temperature: 200°C (400°F).

Model NumberDry Weight, kg (lbs)Fluid Volume, mL (in.3)# Fans in Optional Kit
ES0505G230.91 (2.0)229 (14)1
ES0510G231.30 (2.85)278 (17)2
ES0707G231.30 (2.85)393 (24)1
ES0714G232.51 (5.53)508 (31)2

Liquid Heat Exchangers: Brazed Plate Liquid-to-Liquid Heat Exchangers

Brazed Plate Liquid Heat Exchangers (BHE) are compact, highly efficient, and durable liquid-to-liquid heat exchangers. These heat exchangers are constructed from stacked plates brazed together that are typically corrugated to add surface area and more heat transfer. Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers’ efficient counter flow design allows 90% of the material to be used for heat transfer. These heat exchangers can be up to 80-90% smaller than a conventional shell-and-tube design. The brazed plate Liquid-to-Liquid heat exchangers construction offers a rugged, efficient, and long-lasting heat exchanger that withstands demanding environments.

Braze material and plate corrugation patterns can be configured for different operating liquids and system requirements. Our copper-brazed units are compatible with water, Ethylene Glycol based Water Solution (EGW), and other common coolants. Copper-brazed units can be operated at temperatures of up to 195°C (383°F) and pressures up to 31 bar (450 psig). Nickel-brazed Plate Heat Exchangers can use deionized water, high purity fluids, and corrosive fluids and operate at temperatures of up to 350°C (662°F) and pressures up to 16 bar (232 psig).

copper liquid to liquid heat exchanger
nickel liquid to liquid heat exchanger

Aerospace and Defense

Oil coolers, condensers, evaporators

Industrial Equipment

Petrochemical and chemical processing, food & beverage refrigeration systems, hydraulic oil cooling, steam heaters and reboilers, condensers, smaller HVAC systems.

Agriculture and Construction

Hydraulic oil cooling, mining equipment, mobile HVAC systems

complex heat exchanger

Heat Exchanger Recores

Heat exchanger recore or core replacements can extend the life and performance of existing thermal management systems. Heat exchanger and radiator systems installed in various industrial applications, energy processing, power generation, aerospace, defense and transportation industries are sources for efficiency improvements as technology evolves over time. Improved thermal system efficiency translates to greater energy efficiency, increased production, better yield and resource utilization, and cost savings. Maintenance and retrofit of existing installed systems provide a scalable, lower cost alternative to replacing entire thermal systems.

Boyd has decades of experience manufacturing heat exchanger core replacements for many industries that require components with high reliability and quality for maximum system uptime and minimal maintenance.

Boyd offers reverse engineering design solutions to create custom drawings that enable new production of out-of-date retrofit components.

While Boyd supports a broad range of recore applications, we specialize in commercial, military, and general aviation aircraft. Utilizing approved data and procedures, we collaborate with FAA/EASA certified repair stations for aerospace aftermarket heat exchanger recore support. Working with FAA approved repair stations, more than 100 different Boyd heat exchanger cores are available to replace OEM parts on Boeing, Airbus, McDonnell Douglas (MD), Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet (CRJ) and Embraer Regional Jet (ERJ) aircraft.

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