Vapor Chamber Assemblies

Passive, high thermal conductivity thermal solutions

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Vapor Chambers leverage high heat transport capabilities of two phase cooling in a planar format. This makes Vapor Chamber Assemblies ideal components when spreading high heat densities or heat loads across a larger surface. By using Vapor Chambers, you can expect increased and more uniform heat spreading, which is ideal when optimizing heat sink performance.

Aavid integrates Vapor Chambers into specialized air cooled heat sinks to improve heat distribution to each of the fins, improving the overall performance of the heat sink. We’ve taken that concept a step further by replacing solid fins with vapor chambers in addition to the base. Attached to the heat sink shaped vapor chamber blades are high density louvered fins, resulting in an isothermal, high surface area air cooled heat sink for high performance cooling.

Aavid continues to innovate Vapor Chamber products and can manufacture them in a variety of materials and working fluids. This includes our Ultra-Thin Copper-Water, Stainless Steel-Water, and Titanium-Water Vapor Chambers for high density, high strength cooling in applications such as PEM fuel cells and low profile consumer and mobile electronics.

Round Titanium vapor chambers with mounting frames for fuel cell thermal management

Vapor Chamber Assembly Solutions:

Ultra-Thin Vapor Chambers

With Titanium, Stainless Steel, and Copper options, Aavid designs and manufactures highly tailored vapor chambers with the thickness of a couple human hairs.


3D Vapor Chambers & Assemblies

Maximize the volume you have available for air cooling with 3D Vapor Chamber Assemblies by utilizing complex vapor spaces to increase surface area for heat transfer.


Heat Spreading Vapor Chambers & Assemblies

Vapor Chambers integrated into the base of a finned heat sink improve heat spreading to each of the fins, improving the overall performance of the heat sink by increasing fin efficiency.


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