Vapor Chambers

When embedded heat pipes cannot offer enough design flexibility or heat spreading for your solution, vapor chambers are the ideal next step. Vapor chambers can be integrated as the base of the heat sink for better, more uniform heat spreading to optimize your heat sink performance. Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd has taken this concept further in the development of specialized air cooled heat sinks that incorporate vapor chambers not only in the base, but in the fins as well. Attached to the vapor chamber blades are high density rolled and louvered fins, resulting in an isothermal, high surface area air cooled heat sink for high performance cooling.

Similarly to Aavid Heat Pipes, Aavid Vapor Chambers can be manufactured with a number of materials and working fluids. This includes Aavid’s Ultra-Thin Titanium-Water Vapor Chambers for high density cooling for applications such as PEM fuel cells.

Learn more about how Vapor Chambers work in our Technology section.

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