3D Vapor Chamber Assemblies

Maximize the volume you have available for air cooling with 3D Vapor Chamber Assemblies by utilizing complex vapor spaces to increase surface area for heat transfer.

Maximize Usable Volume

Leverage total available vertical thermal management volume with effective, isothermal two-phase heat transport & cooling.

Artificial Intelligence Cooling

Cool the heaviest thermal loads from OCP Accelerator Modules (OAM) and GPUs used in artificial intelligence applications.

Enable Longer Product Lifetimes

Extend lifetimes with high-precision temperature control and rapid temperature recovery under demanding conditions.

Tight Temperature Control

Cool evenly across large device surfaces.

Two Phase Enhanced Air Cooling for Power Electronics

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The Next Dimension of Two-Phase Cooling

Boyd has taken the concept of vapor chamber heat spreading to the next dimension with specialized air-cooled heat sinks that incorporate vapor chambers not only in the base, but in the fins as well. Attached to the vapor chamber extensions are high density stamped, zipper, or folded fins, resulting in a 3D vapor chamber heat sink assembly. This compact fin structure paired with fast heat spreading of vapor chambers enable 3D vapor chamber heat sink assemblies to provide isothermal, high-performance air cooled thermal management. These compact, high performance air-cooled heat sinks are designed to meet the most demanding electronics cooling requirements in both commercial and military applications.

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What Are 3D Vapor Chamber Assemblies?

Heat pipes utilize the high heat capacity of fluid phase change in a robust format, making them one of the most efficient and versatile thermal management technologies to reliably and quickly transport heat.

Boyd has two styles of 3D vapor chambers: one with vertical round tube extensions from the main vapor chamber region and one with flat tube extensions. 3D vapor chamber heat sink assemblies are typically configured for 2U to 6U rack heights, but can be designed to fit and perform in your custom application.

How Do 3D Vapor Chamber Assemblies Work?

By extending the vapor space from its traditional 2D format used for heat spreading, a 3D vapor chamber spreads heat into the whole assembly. By promoting isothermal temperatures inside the entire usable volume, 3D vapor chambers enable the maximum thermal performance for air cooled solutions.  


Why use Boyd’s 3D Vapor Chamber Heat Sink Assemblies?

Boyd engineers leverage decades of two-phase cooling innovations to drive the limit of air-cooled solutions with 3D vapor chamber assemblies. Our internal thermal design software enables our team to shorten design cycles and maximize thermal performance in your specific application constraints. Paired with our advanced, high-quality two-phase manufacturing techniques, our engineers can help you extend the performance of air-cooling for your system.

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