EMI/RFI Management: Electromagnetic Control and Radio Frequency Interference Absorption

Why Use EMI/RFI Management?

Conductive surfaces, like wires or metallic enclosures, generate unexpected current and electrical energy when exposed to electromagnetic waves that come from a wide variety of both natural and artificial sources. When electromagnetic energy disrupts the expected electrical performance of a device or material it’s called electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RFI) depending on the frequency spectrum of the interference. Uncontrolled natural and artificial energy waves enter or exit an electronic device through seams and openings in the device and cause erratic performance.

Fabric-Over-Foam EMI Gasketing - LectroShield

LectroShield FoF gaskets feature conductive nickel-plated fabric wrapped around a compressible foam core profile to create a pliable gasket with a highly conductive surface. Commonly used to shield EMI in electronic enclosure seams and port openings.

EMI / RFI Gasketing

Highly conductive materials fabricated in custom configurations to address a wide variety of EMI shielding applications. Commonly featuring a conductive foam or stamped metal gasket configured to line electronic enclosure seams, doors or hinges.

EMI / RFI Absorbers

Reduce unwanted electrical crosstalk and noise with EMI / RFI absorbers that offer high permeability and conductivity to absorb high frequency near field radiation within an electronic system.

EMI / RFI Shielding

EMI and RFI shielding solutions improve electronic performance by blocking errant electromagnetic waves. Commonly feature conductive foils, foams, elastomers, and adhesives.

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Maintain Signal Integrity

Prevent internal EMI and RFI from distorting electronic communications.

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Improve Device Sensitivity

Reduce extraneous electromagnetic signals to enhance transmit/receive modules

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Increase Equipment Performance

Eliminate crosstalk between components, electronic devices can be packed more densely.

foil over fabric EMI-RFI Management solutions

What Goes Into Making Advanced Display Solutions

The Best Solution to Address EMI

The best solution to address EMI is a Faraday Cage, an enclosure around a device entirely made of continuous conductive material, unfortunately not feasible in product design. The next best solution is to design EMI shielding and absorption components in and around openings, gaps, and seams within a device to function as a barrier to unwanted external energy and contain internal electromagnetic waves.

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Engineered Materials Experts

Boyd’s team of Engineered Materials experts have been designing highly effective, cost efficient, easy-to-use EMI shielding and RF absorbing solutions for many decades. Our material scientists help you select an EMI shielding material and assist with design to create the most optimal Electromagnetic Control (EMC) solution for your unique device geometry and performance. Shielding materials are often combined with elastomeric materials for an integrated solution that offers excellent compressibility to maximize conductivity and contact.

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