Display Bonding and Sealing

Display Gaskets seal against contaminant ingress and manage drop shock or vibration with ultra-tight tolerances that protect the display assembly for the lifetime of the device. Display seals and bonding solutions are manufactured in clean room environments assuring your sensitive optical displays are contaminant and particulate free.

Long Term Display Life

Dust and waterproof display seals extend quality performance in any use environment.


Seal and ruggedize advanced display technologies like infotainment systems, navigation consoles, and smart mirrors.

Mobile Electronics

Protect smartphones, notebooks, and tablets against challenging environments and rugged utilization.

High Tolerance Control

For precision display to enclosure assembly.

Industrial Technology Equipment

Enable advanced screen applications in tough industrial and manufacturing environments. 

Protect Against Drops and Push-Out

Vibration absorbing display bonding gaskets protect against consumer wear and tear.

What Goes Into Making Advanced Display Solutions?

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Human Machine Interface (HMI) Solutions for the eMobility

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Display Bonding Technologies

Display technologies are integrating into a wide variety of end use environments yet still require protection from contamination, ingress, mechanical shock and drop resistance. Reliable display bonding & deal solutions are required to effectively seal these advanced screen assemblies to protect against contamination from liquid, dust and debris ingress, absorb drop shock in the event the display is accidentally dropped, and manage vibration that can damage a display in end use environments with significant movement like cars or white good appliances.

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Why Boyd’s Display Bonding and Sealing Solutions?

Boyd’s display seals and bonding solutions protect the display assembly over the lifetime of the end device with ultra-tight tolerances that can often achieve “zero gap” tolerances, offering unbeatable ingress protection against dust and liquids. We manufacture display seal solutions in clean room environments starting from Class 100 to 100K, balancing your specific cleanliness requirements and cost targets. Highly controlled tolerances and clean manufacturing environments assure we manufacture contaminant and particulate free optical display components that protect your sensitive screen assemblies from foreign object debris over its lifetime.

Integrated Display Gaskets


Multifunctional Display Solutions

Multifunctional display solutions drive efficiencies in your end device assembly operations by integrating multiple funcationality in one product deliverable. Integrated Display Gaskets featuring Boyd’s innovative segmented frame technology increase material utilization and reduce waste cost, simplify supply chain and end device assembly, and maximize reliable display functionality for an overall total lower landed cost and enhanced consumer experience.

What are Integrated Display Gaskets?

Advanced screen displays require additional components to help them perform more efficiently and last longer. These solutions, in the form of Integrated Display Gaskets, are composed of bonding systems, vibration management, optically clear adhesives (OCA), window tapes, barrier films and thermal management.

Electronic display modules rely on the performance of every component within the screen assembly, including gaskets and cushions, which help protect against dust, moisture, shock, and vibration. Stable, innovative materials that hold ultra-tight tolerances are better able to seal against environmental and contaminant factors. This makes raw material selection the foundation of the longevity of the display module and thus the lifetime of the final product.

Display modules require high optical clarity for functionality accuracy, and customer satisfaction of the final product, which can be compromised by Foreign Object Debris (FOD) during manufacturing. Optically clear adhesives are critical to ultimate screen clarity, contrast, and minimized reflection. OCAs, a critical component to LED/OLED seals, are one of the most challenging materials to cut and handle as they are highly sensitive to FOD.


Why Boyd’s Integrated Display Gaskets?

Boyd’s expertise in advanced rotary die cutting, combined with our class 100 to 100k cleanroom precision converting environments, make us highly capable of working with difficult optically clear materials consistently and cleanly. We are able to maintain ultra-tight tolerances with advanced processes like Segmented Frame Technology to produce cost effective, high performance LED, LCD and OLED Display Gaskets. Coupled with our material selection expertise, process innovation, and a high-quality track record, Boyd is an ideal partner to develop and fabricate Integrated Display Gaskets for your application.

Benefits of Boyd’s Integrated Display Gaskets

In a single LCD, LED or OLED display gasket:

  • Improve material usage of high cost components with segmented frame technology
  • Ruggedize screens and improve durability
  • Manage shock absorption, heat dissipation, and vibration & acoustic damping
  • Protect sensitive electronics against dust, water, heat, oil, and mold
  • Thermally and/or electrically insulating & static dissipative seals for safe electronic performance
  • Customize thicknesses, durometers, compression sets, densities, colors & styles
  • Reinforced or non-reinforced, plain or adhesive backed seals
  • Customize optically clear adhesive (OCA) solutions with bubble-free precision converting & die cutting for enhanced screen appearance
  • Maintain tight tolerances for dimensionally critical display manufacturing and assembly

LED, LCD and OLED Display Gasket Materials

  • Densified SOLIMIDE® Foam
  • Double & single-sided adhesives
  • Foam tapes
  • Insulating films
  • Metal foils & graphite sheets
  • Microcellular urethane foams
  • Optically clear adhesive (OCAs), UV sensitive OCAs
  • Optical films
  • Polyurethane, polypropylene, polyethylene, polyolefin foams
  • Protective films & tapes

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