Labels and Indicators

Inform users to critical product information, usage instructions, and more with resilient labeling and indicators.

Elevate your Brand’s Image

With decades of precise and multifunctional label manufacturing experience, Boyd can help you create labels that match your brand’s image and aesthetic.

Identify Your Product and Quickly Inform

With Boyd’s marking methods for all shapes, sizes, and complexity, identify plastic and silicone components with critical information such as brand name, part numbers, and lot numbers.

Meet Industry Requirements

Whether for medical, automotive, or other industries, Boyd’s knowledgeable experts can help provide guidance on optimal part marking to help your product meet visual and industry requirements.

Meet the Highest Standard of Quality and Compliancy

Boyd can help you find the right materials, inks, and constructions to meet your desired level of durability and product specification.

One-Stop Shop

Combine Boyd’s marking and labeling solutions with our extensive molding and converting capabilities to create custom, fully-assembled solutions to lower cost and simplify your supply chain.

Minimize Warranty Costs

Protect and defend against end consumer product warranties with tamper evident labels and indicators.

What Goes Into Making Advanced Display Solutions?

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Instruct Users with Critical Product Information

Ensure users are informed about proper usage, safety information, condition, and service instruction of your products with custom labels, overlays, indicators, markings, and diffusers. Instruct your consumers on device functionality, input/output location, with plastic markings or electrically insulating printed overlays. Provide System Information with full graphic adhesive labels. Protect users and minimize warranty claims with tamper evident labels and moisture indicators.

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Why Use Boyd for Label Indicators?

Boyd specializes in decorative and functional labels and are approved UL, cUL, and CSA label manufacturers. We also produce durable labels that withstand tough environments like abrasion, UV exposure, moisture and heat. Our team can guide you through the process and help find the best label solution for your product. Reduce warranty claims and protect your consumers with tamper evident labels and moisture indicators.

Make Labels Do More for You with Boyd

Labels are often designed in areas that require dielectric insulation to meet UL and other industry-specific requirements. Boyd manufacturing specialty is integrating pantone color matching on thin-films for durable and dependable long-term label graphics, with high performance adhesives, electrical insulation, and UL 94 flame rated solutions in a single component. We help reduce component complexity by combining branding, communication of key information, and electrical insulation into a single, high-quality, dependable solution. By integrating multiple functions into a single label, Boyd helps enhance your brand management and consumer safety with reduced supply chain complexity and total lowest landed cost.

UL Listed Label

Label and Indicator Technologies

Meet Communication Requirements with the Right Technology

Boyd’s human machine interface technology portfolio demonstrates our expertise and heritage that you can leverage to maximize reliable performance in any application.

Part Marking and Labeling

Marking plastic and silicone components can help heighten your brand and identify your products with key information. Boyd offers several different processes for marking silicone and plastic products, including laser marking, inline printing, and pad printing. These processes can be used to create fixed markings, such as date clocks or product lettering, or more complex markings, such as Unique Device Identification (UDI) marks to ensure traceability of silicone or plastic products in regulated industries. Depending on the application, we can even mark certain silicone and plastic products using RFID chips.

Laser Marking

Laser Marking involves imprinting markings directly into the material using a laser. The laser irradiates the material, which triggers a local chemical reaction, resulting in the material changing colors. Laser Marking creates a mark that can’t be wiped off or removed through cleaning or use, since it’s created in the material itself and not just on the surface. Laser marking works with translucent silicone or plastic products and is ideal when markings need to be permanent for the life of the product.

Inline Printing

Inline Printing, or printing directly onto the part while on the production line, helps save cost and improves process efficiency by allowing for continuous production. Inkjet printing is generally used and is directly integrated into the production process. Products can be marked at intervals of approximately 25cm.

Pad Printing

Pad Printing is an offset printing process where ink is transferred from a printing plate to the required component via a pad. Pad Printing does not require a flat surface, so it’s ideal for decorating curved, textured, or irregularly shaped plastic or silicone products. Pad Printing can be highly customized with colors and is perfect for unique individual part markings.

Optical Encoders

From printers to robotic arms, optical encoders tell devices when, how, and where to move when performing a function. Encoders are generally used when a motor or force actuator has a moving part that provides feedback to the part’s position. Magnetic and optical encoder wheels sense the position by light sources or by magnetic poles on the disks outside edge.


Boyd is an excellent provider of long, disk, and strip encoders. Beyond the standard solutions below, Boyd can also work with you to develop unique custom optical encoders. We understand the importance of high-quality components and has focused on producing custom optical encoder media to achieve superior incremental movement accuracy and component durability for leading global brands. Encoder specifications define the encoder, mechanism, and the control system relationship. Boyd produces optical encoders in a variety of materials and formats to meet our clients’ exacting standards.


Limit wasted raw materials and assembly costs by improving production yield with increased manufacturing processes accuracy.

Actuate with Precision and Accuracy

Leverage optical encoders to ensure repeatable machinery processes with precise and accurate movements.

Highly Customizable

Unassembled motor, sensor, and encoder components for custom application motion controls.

Regulatory Labels

Take the confusion and guesswork out of the regulatory label process – Boyd provides a variety of approved label and overlay constructions that meet the stringent guidelines outlined by UL, cUL, and CSA. From selecting the appropriate construction to establishing materials, packaging, and documentation, Boyd can efficiently create custom compliancy labels for your product that includes all required certification information.

Sequential Serialization and Barcoded Labels

QR codes, serialized labels, and 2D and standard barcodes are common features that Boyd can incorporate into custom roll or sheet labels. Our advanced printing technology allows us to quickly and accurately print unique barcodes and serialized labels. In addition, Boyd can provide customized label solutions that are compatible with your preexisting devices and equipment. From small orders to high volume production, Boyd can work with you to ensure the final product meets your label needs.

Warranty Management Labels

You design and warrant your devices with specific functionality and environmental exposure specifications. End consumers constantly push the boundaries of how they use and expect your products to perform, which isn’t always in line with offered warranty programs. Boyd’s Tamper Evident Labels and Moisture Indicators help you manage and defend warranty claim compliance, ultimately reducing allowable warranty claims and charges. Tamper Evidence and Security Labels can also protect Consumers from compromised or unsecure goods. Protect and defend end consumer product warranties with tamper evident labels and indicators.

System Information Labels

Instruct and Inform users of critical safety and maintenance information with large printed adhesive graphics. Boyd offers an extensive array of printing and finishing capabilities including custom inks and specialized textures for a seamless integration with your application.

Cable Wrap Labels

Organize and identify cables and hoses with labeled wraps for easier maintenance and upkeep of complex systems.

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