Enabling Power Management Solutions

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Reliable energy production and distribution has become critical to modern life as power availability and accessibility affects most individuals’ daily lives during almost every minute of every day. As global electronification continues to rise, consistent and dependable power will become increasingly vital.

Boyd has a long-standing history of designing and manufacturing solutions and complex systems for power generation and energy conversion developed to ensure the overall applications’ reliability, performance, and longevity. From turbines and engines to grid systems and battery storage, Boyd’s thermal, sealing, and protection solutions offer high quality, cost effective ways to keep these applications running at peak efficiency.

In addition to aiding in the production and storage of more efficient energy, Boyd is conscientious of our global footprint and continues to strive to support environmental awareness within our company and encourage cleaner energy sources.


Sealing and Protection Solutions for the Power Industry

Boyd is experienced in identifying and solving customer challenges through our expansive knowledge of applications and material science. Appropriate seals and protection allow manufacturers to ensure sensitive electronics in power generation and storage systems can withstand harsh environments. With Boyd’s material expertise and broad range of sealing products and available certifications, we provide customers with optimal sealing solutions for high performance applications.

Sealing solutions include one of the industry’s widest catalogs of O-Rings, custom gaskets, extruded plastics, and molded rubbers that seal delicate and vital electronics from dust and water ingress and other environmental hazards. These solutions ensure that power generation equipment, which is often in areas where repair and maintenance may be difficult and expensive, stays secure.

Boyd protection solutions include EMI/RFI shielding and absorption, graphic overlays, and NVH protection, all of which protect the equipment and the users from harm with system information labels for proper service instructions, eliminating internal and external electromagnetic interference and cross talk, and acoustic and vibration damping to minimize internal mechanical wear and external environmental noise pollution. Die cast enclosures and other protective materials are often integrated with Boyd sealing and thermal solutions for complete system protection and enhancement to ensure better performance at lower landed costs.

Thermal Management Solutions for the Power Industry

As the demand for energy and power steadily increases, power densities are also rising and thereby the need for more powerful cooling to keep applications at peak performance. Boyd is constantly innovating to provide better, more reliable thermal management for power generation equipment, inverters and converters, and battery systems.

Boyd’s highly engineered custom solutions continuously enable technological advancement in the Power Generation and Conversion markets. Integrated solutions and systems utilizing optimized thermal technologies include liquid cooled systems, two phase cooling assemblies, and more traditional air cooled and natural convection solutions. Based on the application, environment, and requirements, Boyd engineering teams develop the most optimized solutions to ensure devices are rugged, reliable, and running at top efficiency.


Two Phase Enhanced Air Cooling for Power Electronics

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Liquid Cold Plate Solutions for Industrial Applications

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