Enclosures and Chassis Protect Complex Systems

Electronic enclosures and chassis centralize storage of sensitive electronic systems, components and equipment. Storing sensitive electronics inside an enclosure helps to protect against contaminant dust and debris, guard against EMI shielding, manage output heat, organize complex systems, and safeguard maintenance and service techs.

Integrate Multi-Functions Into One Component

Utilizing an Environmental Cabinet or Enclosure enables you to house and protect multiple components and devices in one comprehensive, integrated solution. Boyd’s electronic enclosures and chassis integrate multi-functions into one component including sealing, thermal management and shielding for efficiency. Depending on your use environment, we design chassis and enclosures with specific IP ratings to protect against weather in external applications or sprinkler systems in internal applications. Special mounting, NVH, mechanical or electrical shock protection may also be a consideration in your design.

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Integrate Assembly, Maintenance and Other Operational Efficiency Solutions

Boyd is an expert at integrating assembly, maintenance and other operational efficiency solutions like door seals, electrically insulating system information labels, LED crosstalk management, wire insulation, and cable pass through ports and identification. Or, for more high powered applications, fully integrated thermal management functionality including internal heat spreading, air cooling or liquid management.

Cabinets and Enclosures

Protect expensive and sensitive equipment and electronics with rugged Cabinets and Enclosures that seal out moisture and particles that can compromise the lifetime and reliability of your system.

Cages and Guards

Prevent accidental contact or ingress near hazardous zones with Cages & Guards to protect both users and equipment from harm or damage.

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