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COOLERCHIPS Program – Advanced Cooling System for Data Centers


Last updated Jun 14, 2024 | Published on Jul 13, 2023

A $5 Million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) supports NVIDIA and seven partners, including Boyd, to build an advanced liquid cooling system that enables a future class of efficient power-dense data centers. The DOE program, called COOLERCHIPS, focuses on innovative technologies to reduce data center energy consumption and environmental impact. Boyd is excited to be part of this program alongside other industry leaders in a collaborative effort to develop a new generation of energy efficient cooling solutions.


Need for Change: Advanced Cooling Solutions for Data Centers

Extreme air-cooling using two-phase technologies and current liquid-cooling systems face limitations in cooling intense high-power computing environments. As data centers continue to evolve with more computing power, system architects must innovate cooling solutions to meet increasing demands. These next generation data centers require exceptional performance, reliability, and energy efficiency on top of increased heat dissipation.

Innovative Cooling Technology: Two-phase Cooling and Liquid Cooling Systems Combination

Combining two-phase cooling and liquid cooling systems into pumped two-phase systems, or evaporative liquid cooling, leverages the benefits of both cooling technologies. First, two-phase cooling utilizes cold plates to cool chips and facilitate evaporation and re-formation of the coolant. Next, entire servers, including their lower-power components, are encased in hermetically sealed containers filled with coolant to provide a comprehensive cooling solution. With an optimized pumped two-phase cooling system, data center engineers can overcome anticipated thermal challenges for future data centers.


Innovate with Boyd: Two-phase Cooling and Liquid Cooling Systems

Boyd’s strong heritage of two-phase cooling and liquid cooling systems technologies provides a solid foundation for collaborative development. Our ability to innovate with technologies like coolant distribution units, 3D vapor chambers, liquid loops and cold plates, remote heat pipe assemblies, and chillers enables us to explore new possibilities and develop advanced cooling solutions that best fit your applications. Partner with us to tap into our strong heritage, expertise, and capabilities to develop innovative liquid cold plates for advanced two-phase pumping systems, enabling energy efficient and high performance cooling for your applications.

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