Connectivity, Display & Telematics

As new capabilities are added into electric and hybrid vehicles, Human/Machine Interfaces (HMI) and Telematics are increasingly integrated into the latest models. Innovative technologies like heads-up displays, navigation and infotainment systems, and smart mirrors require advanced display solutions for consumers to benefit from these added features.

Boyd specializes in assisting engineers optimize their display assemblies and converting raw materials into Integrated Display Gaskets and Screen Enhancement Assemblies. By collapsing multiple functions into fewer, multifunctional components and converting them in a single operation, Boyd simplifies display solutions and reduces overall assembly time, material costs, and supply chain complexity.


What Goes Into Making Advanced Display Solution

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Human Machine Interface Solutions for the Automotive Industry

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Boyd Clean Room and Precision Converting Expertise

Boyd’s clean room converting capabilities enable us to handle Optical Display Bonding & Films with impressive yield rates while maintaining the highest clarity standards. We’ve developed an effective process called Segmented Frame Technology that allows us to eliminate the material waste from the traditionally unused material from the center of the frame. This allows us to make more frames per roll of material and reduces your material costs.

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