Advanced Touchscreen

The Boyd Difference for Advanced Display and Touchscreen Solutions

We’ve innovated our advanced material fabrication processes over the last 20 years to consistently deliver high quality optical display components with exceptional tolerance control at high volume mass production to help the most sophisticated mobile electronics brands in the world optimize display performance and component cost. We continue to tirelessly push advanced display component process innovation to help our customers continue to differentiate and leverage our heritage to help brands new to advanced displays navigate this complex technology.

Boyd’s Advanced Display Heritage

  • 15+ years of field-proven performance in display applications
  • 1 billion + display components shipped
  • 5 million + Micro OLED component installations
  • Trusted advisor to OEMs and Tier 1 partners
  • Pioneer in critical display solutions for electronics and electric vehicle applications
  • End-to-end in-house validation
Segmented Frame Technology Diagram

Segmented Frame Technology

Boyd’s proprietary Segmented Frame Technology leverages our deep, innovative processing knowledge with proprietary designed advanced rotary converting equipment to integrate multiple material layers at maximum raw material utilization. We’re able to combine multiple display bill of material (BOM) components in one-pass manufacturing for one easy-to-assemble final product deliverable that helps our customers accelerate assembly processes as they integrate display modules into their applications.

  • Tolerance control down to +/-0.05mm
  • Integrate multiple materials and display components into one easy-to-assemble final product
  • Improve assembly cycle time
  • Maximize raw material use
  • Minimize material yield loss
  • Integrate display mount adhesives, bezel bonds, cushions, spacers, insulation, thermal management, shielding performance, and optical functionality into one component

Material Science and Handling Expertise

Optical materials are designed to enhance display performance and efficiency. To do this effectively, they must be visually perfect and free of foreign debris and contaminants. These specialty materials require special protocols to assure zero defects impacting how optical and display materials are transported, packaged, stored, handled, and processed.

Boyd maintains a variety of clean room environments in all key geographies with processes and protocols to handle and fabricate display materials with increasing levels of cleanliness requirements:

  • Contaminant-free material storage and handling protocols
  • Cleanroom raw material slitting and preparation processes
  • Cleanroom advanced rotary converting manufacturing lines
  • Cleanroom flat bed converting manufacturing lines
  • Cleanroom cosmetic inspection
  • Class 100 clean rooms
  • Class 1000 (Class 1K) clean rooms
  • Class 10000 (Class 10K) clean rooms
  • Class 100000 (Class 100K) clean rooms
  • UV sensitive clean room manufacturing
  • Temperature sensitive material handling processes

Cleanroom environments include ongoing monitoring to assure optical materials and display components are contaminant-free and on-specification:

  • Filter installation leak testing
  • Airborne particle count testing
  • Airflow velocity testing
  • Temperature testing
  • Relative humidity testing
  • Light intensity level testing
  • Sound pressure level testing
  • Room pressurization testing
Material Science and Handling Expertise
assembly of advanced mobile display

Supply Chain

The display module value chain is very complex with many players. Boyd helps to simplify this for you, delivering differentiated performance at optimal total cost.

Raw material suppliers innovate material formulations and enhance material performance. They produce large format rolls and sheets of raw display materials. Boyd has strategic supply relationships, dating 50+ years, with the leading raw material suppliers like 3M, tesa, and Nitto. We continue to actively search for new entrants with innovative materials that can help our customers differentiate experience.

Many OEMs rely on Display Integrators to design and deliver custom display modules that meet their needs. These integrators are experts in display module design and assembly, delivering on-specification subassemblies to OEMs for integration into their final product. Boyd has 15+ year relationships with the world’s leading display integrators. We continue to establish new strategic relationships with new market entrants as our customers evolve their preferred display integrator partners.

Leverage Boyd's 15+ years of display expertise to enhance your product.

Key Display Terms to Know

components of advanced displays
advanced display layers



Battery Adhesives

Tapes that secure batteries near a display stack with high temperature-resistant adhesives. Increases product safety and extends battery life.

Regulatory Labels

UL compliant regulatory labels assure high brand compliance, safety warnings, and traceability.

Camera Gasket

Combined adhesive and film or foam that protects camera modules from water, vibration, and contaminants. Extends lifetime and improves performance.

Capacitive Touch Module

Tactile interface surface that enables users to interact with a device via touch. Has been replacing traditional membrane switches, elastomers, and full travel keyboards as the primary input method on many product designs.

Conductive Backlight Housing

Mechanical and thermally conductive structure that simultaneously supports the backlight unit and conducts heat away from the display to the ambient environment. Controlled backlight operating temperature maximizes color vivacity and display lifetime.

Diffuser Film

Specialized film that evenly distributes light across the screen. Optimizes full display visibility for better screen clarity, vivacity, and color trueness at a wider viewing angle.

Display Integration

Minimize engineering, design, and supply chain complexity with fully integrated subassemblies that include all display components, optical films, adhesives, and gaskets with a display housing and all connectors for streamlined assembly into your devices.

Brightness Enhancement Film

Specialized film that intensifies brightness, improves the user experience and display energy efficiency.

EMI Shielding

Shielding layer to reduce electronic malfunction susceptibility by blocking unwanted external electromagnetic waves to improve device and signal reliability. Eliminates internal display component cross talk.

Foam Adhesives

Prevent cracked or separated screens with strong display adhesion to the device, cushioned to absorb shock and vibration.

Front Frame Gaskets and Seals

Adhesive (foam) gaskets that ruggedize the joint between displays and front glass panels. Cushions vibration and shock to extend life and improve customer satisfaction.

(Graphite) Heat Spreaders

Thin, lightweight, thermally conductive material that spreads heat away from localized hot spots from high performance components. Maintains safe touch temperatures and prevents overheating.


Liquid Crystal Display

Lightguide Panel

Panel or film that concentrates and amplifies light from the backlight to the viewer. Improves display richness, sharpness, and efficiency.


Light Emitting Diode


Organic Light Emitting Diode

Optically Clear Adhesives (OCAs)

Optically clear adhesive that mechanically joins surfaces with a matching refractive index to reduce light loss between substrates and give the appearance of being optically clear or invisible. Maximizes display clarity.

Protective Film

Films intended to prevent screen scratches or cracking during manufacturing, logistics, assembly, temporary consumer use, or durable long term protection.

Reflector Films

Films that reflect light through the display, concentrating all generated display module light toward the viewer. More light reaching the user maximizes energy efficiency, vivacity, and color trueness.

Segmented Frame Display Bonding Gasket

Boyd-developed proprietary high volume manufacturing processes to cut four pieces of a display frame separately and assemble into one deliverable with zero gap joint tolerances for waterproofing and dimensional control.  Passes IP67 and push-out testing.  Enhanced sealing performance with best raw material utilization.

Speaker Mesh

Acoustically transparent synthetic or woven metal mesh filters enable high quality audio while sealing out water and contaminants. Seal out water and particulates from devices with acoustically transparent filters for high quality speakers and microphones.

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Boyd has shipped more than 1 billion display components over 15+ years. We’ve helped the leading mobile electronics brands differentiate their products with high performance displays that enrich the immersive consumer experience, reduce weight and battery drain while pushing the boundaries in creative manufacturing that optimizes cost.

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