Boyd’s Material Suppliers and Partners

Boyd’s material science expertise is bolstered with deep supplier relationships for access to unlimited raw material choices.


Full Materials Expertise

Combine nearly any material from any global supplier for advanced solutions


Think Bigger

Integrate Boyd’s broad value-added solutions to improve your design and quality, while decreasing your total cost.


Engineering Assistance

Leverage our material science expertise to convert product performance needs into optimized selected materials and viable design for manufacturing


Fast Prototypes, Faster Design Cycles

Demonstrate product capabilities and viability quickly and shorten design cycles with Boyd’s support

Long Term Supplier Partnerships Differentiate Boyd Innovation

Boyd’s supplier relationships give us access to unlimited raw material choices, which serve as the foundation of our manufactured solutions. Boyd’s engineering teams assist with your program management requirements, material selections, product design, commodity management, application engineering and raw material or finished good samples and testing. This cross-functional team can be tailored to your unique needs and will closely monitor your initiatives and new programs, while ensuring tight management of new product introduction, volume production and delivery deadlines.


Top Boyd Suppliers

Boyd collaborates with thousands of material suppliers, including 3M, Avery Dennison, Tesa, DuPont, Rogers Corporation, and Nitto. From tapes, adhesives and optical films to EMI/RFI shielding, thermal interface materials and metal additives, we can support your needs. Don’t see the supplier you are looking for? Contact Us for Further Support.


3M Preferred Converter

As a 3M Preferred Converter and 3M MedTech Preferred Converter, Boyd has a strong partnership with one of the industry’s leading adhesive technology experts. From optical films for displays and electronics, automotive tapes for electric vehicles, or medical grade adhesives for smart wearables, Boyd has preferred access to 3M’s full portfolio of products.


eMobility and Automotive

Battery thermal runaway materials, differential adhesives, low outgassing tapes for cameras, sensors, and LED lighting, display and infotainment system films


Industrial Equipment

Ruggedized adhesive bonding to outlast even the most challenging environments



Smart medical wearables skin adhesives, disposable and wound care films and tapes, microfluidic diagnostic laminates, biosensor and other stick to skin materials

Avery Dennison

As an Advantage Converter of Avery Dennison’s Performance Tapes, Boyd has direct and preferred access to their best tapes and adhesives, including Avery’s core series portfolio.


eMobility and Automotive

EV Battery compression pad and thermal runaway materials, buzz, squeak & rattle (BSR) absorbing materials, heat shielding films, foam and fiber bonding, exterior mounting tapes, and surface protection films


Medical wearable device stick to skin adhesives, patient monitoring tapes, surgical adhesives, and advanced wound care tapes and films


Industrial Equipment

Appliance and low surface energy tapes, optical and laser equipment laminating adhesives


Home Electronics

Product and component laminating tapes, gasket adhesives, lens mounting tapes, light management films, and label substrates.

Tesa is a leading manufacturer of pressure sensitive adhesives serving the appliance, automotive, building supply, electronics, industrial, paper and print, and transportation industries. To request a quote or contact an engineer about specific Tesa materials.
Rogers Corporation has a broad range of materials for nearly every market, from open or closed cell foams for gasketing and sealing, to films, pads and seals for battery packs on an electric vehicle. To request a quote or contact an engineer about specific Rogers materials
Has a broad range of materials for nearly every market. To request a quote or contact an engineer about specific materials.
From DuPont tapes, optical films and adhesive liners to medical grade solutions, Boyd can support you with your DuPont materials. To request a quote or contact an engineer about specific DuPont materials.
Boyd can support you with all your Nitto material needs, whether it’s bezel bonding or sealing a display, NVH for an electric vehicle, or a double-sided tape for your bonding and adhesive needs. To request a quote or contact an engineer about specific Nitto materials

World Class Supply Chain Management at Boyd

Boyd’s supply chain management simplifies complex value chains and maximizes customer value. We continuously develop and improve our supply chains to source, convert, and assemble raw materials into effective and efficient solutions that enable customers to innovate their respective applications.

Responsible Supply Chain Practices

Boyd’s Culture of Respect extends to our suppliers; we expect our suppliers to live up to the same ethical standards that we hold ourselves to. We require our suppliers to act with integrity, respect the rights of others, and obey all applicable laws and regulations. With these standards in place, you can trust the products and materials sourced through Boyd’s supply chain are compliant with our Code of Conduct.

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