Human Machine Interfaces

Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) are critical aspects of your product design and its user experience. From mechanical elastomer buttons and membrane switches to more advanced capacitive switches and touchscreens, Boyd has the technology and design experience to support your HMI solutions needs. Leverage our switch and interface technologies to produce intuitive HMI solutions.


Elevate Customer Experience

Make your product intuitive and satisfying with an interface designed specifically for your application.


Versatility and Design Flexibility

Add unparalleled style and functionality in a broad array of applications including user interfaces, integrated displays, and product branding.


Increase Cost Efficiency

Integrate switches and user interfaces with a single vendor to reduce costs and complexity.


Improved User Experience

Augment the user experience with visual feedback and pivot users towards correct device use.


Extend Product Lifetimes

With the right technology, your interface and product can withstand the rigors of your application and outlast your competition.

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Complete Interface Design Cycle Support with Boyd

Boyd’s extensive experience in a broad range of interface and switch styles and our manufacturing expertise make us an ideal partner in developing your HMI solutions. From initial prototyping to volume production, we elevate your product from functional to elegant.

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Human Machine Interface Technologies

Meet Application Requirements with the Right Switch and Interface Technology

Facilitate a streamlined user experience with customized, refined interfaces. From elastomer keypads, membrane switches, and force sensitive resistors to backlighting and advanced capacitive touch screens, Boyd offers a broad spectrum of HMI solutions to best meet your application needs.


Front Panel Integration – Complete HMI Solutions

Drive efficiency and vendor consolidation with Boyd’s one-stop-shop for all your HMI needs with many integration options, seamless development process, and a capable supplier network, saving you time and resources. By offering injection molded housing, a variety of switch technologies, backlighting options, and display integration, Boyd’s complete HMI solutions help reduce delays with substantial time and cost savings. Our HMI capabilities include:
  • Display bonding, enhancement and integration
  • Membrane, elastomer, and capacitive switches
  • Backlighting options
  • Injection molded housings
  • Gasketing and sealing
  • Quick turn prototyping
  • Switch and display performance testing

Faster Time-To-Market

Streamline your display integration for increased control, reduced delays, and substantial time and cost savings.


Consolidate Supply Chain & Bonding Operations

Drive efficiency and vendor consolidation with Boyd’s one-stop-shop for all your display and bonding needs


Elastomer Keypads

Explore Boyd’s HMI solutions with elastomer keypads offering high-profile, tactile feel with an underlying switch layer. Our elastomer keypads exhibit excellent weatherability in ruggedized environments, moisture and chemical resistance, and temperature endurance between -30° C to +80°C. Keypad interfaces provide users with an exceptional tactile response and customizable tactile feedback, tailored between 100 g to 300 g of force. Elastomer keypads are an excellent choice when three-dimensional keys are needed in high-moisture environments such as marine or defense settings. Elevate your user interface experience with Boyd’s advanced HMI solutions.

Design flexibility

Available in a wide range of design possibilities with custom colors, finishes and backlighting options


Longer Product Lifetimes

With excellent weatherability in ruggedized environments, elastomer keypads with durable Boyd construction are resistant to moisture, chemicals, and can endure temperatures ranging between -30° C to +80°C.


Enhanced user interaction

Provide users with exceptional tactile response with customizable tactile feedback with elastomer keypads that can be tailored between 100g to 300g of force.


Enhance your device with Boyd’s HMI solutions, incorporating industry-standard backlighting for improved functionality and aesthetics. Adding backlighting to your product improves visual appeal and defines your brand’s distinctive style. Backlighting guides users and provides feedback during device operation, especially in darker settings. From user interface assemblies to branded nameplates, Boyd helps with design considerations and provides the right integrated backlighting solution for your program.

eMobilty and Transportation

Center console controls, ambient lighting, gear shift PRNDL indicators, infotainment systems, dashboard indicators, start buttons, and more benefit from backlighting



Medical equipment interfaces for healthcare providers or for patients


Appliances and Industrial Controls

Interface panels for larger appliances, or responsive lighting for industrial control systems.


Membrane Switches and Keypads

Discover tailored HMI solutions with Boyd’s expertise in membrane switch technology. Ideal for industries such as medical and industrial equipment, our membrane switch is a micro-motion, momentary contact, flexible circuit with a printed graphic overlay. Boyd provides complete customization, including custom colors, textures, backlighting, and tactile response options with robust materials and easy cleanability, ensuring your membrane switch panel design meets your specific needs.

Superior Durability

Offering easy cleanability, membrane switches are resistant to moisture, chemicals, and abrasion.


Design Flexibility

With custom colors, textures, backlighting, and tactile response options, membrane switches offer a wide range of design configurations.

Capacitive Touch Sensors and Switches

Upgrade your user interface with Boyd’s HMI solutions by replacing mechanical buttons with elegant, non-tactile, compact user-interface with capacitive switches. This innovation streamlines traditional switch circuitry by eliminating several design layers and components. Capacitive switches are thin, non-mechanical designs applied to curved surfaces and mounted behind glass or decorated plastic. Depending on your application requirements, these sensors can also be backlit to provide a cost-effective modern design. Boyd offers a variety of printed capacitive sensors that can integrate with commonly available microcontrollers to provide capacitive touch sensing.

Sleek and Contemporary Designs

Replace mechanical buttons with elegant, non-tactile, compact user-interface


Superior Durability

Prolong switch and device life with sealed, smooth, and easily cleanable capacitive switches, which prevent ingress of moisture or dust.


Design Flexibility and Enhanced User Experience

Integrate different input methods and feedback mechanisms, adding another layer of communication with the end-user and improving usability.

User Interface Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

Optimize your user interface with Boyd’s HMI solutions by incorporating Printed circuit boards (PCBs). By eliminating the need for a rigid subpanel, PCBs simplify material usage and interconnects. Boyd specializes in combining PCBs with other switch solutions like keypads, backlighting, and display screens to craft the perfect user interface for your application. Our comprehensive services cover the entire spectrum of user interface PCB manufacturing, from circuit board stack-up and design support to prototyping and fabrication.

Minimize Components and Assembly

Integrate multiple features like switches, displays, and backlighting into a single interface component, reducing complexity and costs.


Enable User-Friendly Interfaces

Customize your user experience with a circuit board that reflects the interface needs of your product.

In-Mold Decoration (IMD ) and In-Mold Labeling (IML) Solutions

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