ADAS and Advanced Compute

Why Use Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) Cooling Systems?

Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) Cooling Systems maintain safe operating temperatures for critical electronics systems that help automate driving and vehicle safety. Exposure to too much heat can slow down processing speed or reduce responsiveness and accuracy for critical safety features, limit the lifespan of the sensitive components, and reduce the overall reliability of the system. Without ADAS cooling systems, autonomous driving features are impractical and unsafe.


What Do ADAS Cooling Systems Do?

By using ADAS cooling systems, manufacturers can safely increase the number of sensors tied into onboard data processing and telematics to push their systems into higher levels of autonomous driving. Vehicle designers can incorporate and centralize more ADAS subsystems electronic control units (ECUs) to take advantage of more effective thermal management. With the best fit ADAS cooling system, system designers can increase data processing speeds for more reliable systems that react quickly.


What are Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) Cooling Systems?

Increased levels of driver automation drive the overall power dissipation for on-board electronics and telematics solutions. The technology and construction of ADAS thermal management depends on the surrounding system, like the availability of liquid lines as well as the automation level. Little automation has less computational load, so air cooling systems like die cast enclosures or enhanced die cast assemblies can meet thermal management requirements. More significant driver autonomy needs more cooling to manage heavier data collection, processing, and transmission, so higher levels of ADAS implementation demand more cooling which may include two phase and liquid solutions.

Why use Boyd for your ADAS Cooling System?

Boyd’s technology portfolio enables us to design and manufacture compact, lightweight and highly reliable ADAS cooling systems. Boyd’s ADAS thermal management solutions help you ensure consistent sensor and compute performance, efficient energy usage, and maintain safe operating temperatures regardless of computational demand. Since we design and manufacture with a wide range of technologies, we can recommend the best-fit solution for your specific application.

Boyd’s sensor cooling solutions are so reliable that they’re used on the Perseverance Mars Rover.


What is ADAS (Advanced Driver Assist Systems)?

Advanced Driver Assist Systems, or ADAS, are active systems that help drivers operate vehicles more safely. Each of these advanced systems collect data using a wide array of sensors positioned around the vehicle, process this information with on-board electronics, and communicate with other systems with telematics. ADAS enables a wide range of functionality from more intuitive vehicle operation to fully autonomous vehicles with level 5 automation. These systems are designed to mitigate driver error and help save lives.

Still not sure about using Boyd for your ADAS Solutions?

Boyd’s heritage and expertise is not only in thermal management but sealing and protecting critical systems like ADAS. Our engineered material solutions can help seal sensors and electronics from environmental hazards and mitigate shock and vibration impact to the longevity and reliability of these systems. Part of our renowned expertise is in handling the most challenging materials, including optically clear adhesives. From advanced bonding solutions to custom elastomeric gaskets and foam solutions, Boyd can help you protect and extend the lifetime and reliability of the ADAS system you’ve painstakingly designed.


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