Immersion Cooling

What is Liquid Immersion Cooling?

Immersion cooling is a thermal management solution where high heat flux components such as CPUs and GPUS are submerged in a tank of thermally conductive dielectric liquid and heat is transferred using a boiler plate.

Immersion Cooling Boiler Plates


Increased processing power

High capacity cooling enables higher electronic density compared to other cooling technologies


Reduced System Complexity

Eliminates complex systems by eliminating fans, air ducting, baffles, pumps, and manifolds.


Improved noise safety

Eliminate active components like fans and blowers with passive immersion cooling

Next Generation Liquid Cooling for Extremely High Power Applications

Liquid immersion cooling systems include a boiler plate attached to a heat source that is immersed in a dielectric fluid that begins to boil when it comes in contact with the plate. The bubbles that boil up in the fluid bring the heat to the surface and reject the heat from the system where it condenses at a heat exchanger or coil.

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Extremely High Performance

Boyd’s Immersion Cooling Boiler Plates are extremely high performance, differentiated with a boiling enhancement surface (BEC) optimized with high wicking and boiling capacity to ensure consistent fluid flow to the surface.

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