How Are Semiconductors Made?

Semiconductors enable billions of electronic devices that we use daily, but how exactly are they created? How Are Semiconductors Manufactured? Billion...

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Noise and Vibration Dampening (Part 2)

Boyd's engineers use a variety of foams, tapes, and silicones to solve acoustic challenges. In our previous blog Noise and vibration dampening (Part 1...

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Liquid Cooling Solutions for Data Centers

Boyd offers end-to-end support for liquid cooling systems in data centers and colocations. As global digitalization and electronification rises sharpl...

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Designing Coolant Distribution Units (CDU) into Data Center Systems

When it comes to designing a CDU into a data center, few things are as important as ensuring sensitive components maintain the proper operating temper...

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Cool Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is gearing up to power more advanced applications, but come with more thermal challenges. Cool Artificial Intelligence is Maki...

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Noise and Vibration Dampening (Part 1)

To solve tough buzz, squeak, and rattle (BSR) challenges, Boyd's engineers employ custom acoustic management solutions. Buzz, squeak, and rattle (BSR)...

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