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Medical Overview

Like most other industries, the Medical Industry is undergoing a radical transformation by incorporating more advanced materials and technologies into the care, diagnosis, and treatment of patients and the equipment service care providers utilize. Boyd Corporation’s broad Medical Industry support extends from precision converted stick-to-skin medical grade adhesives for wound care and disposables, to lightweight thermal management solutions for medical wearables and portable medical devices, and to cooling and sealing MRI machines. Boyd Corporation designs and fabricates world-class sealing, thermal, and protection solutions to ensure the best healthcare possible and enhance consumer safety.

Boyd is well-equipped to be your medical design and manufacturing partner. With decades of medical expertise and broad design and engineering support, our team can help you optimize your product design, exceed industry standards and improve product quality. Boyd can meet your manufacturing needs with our ISO 13485 certified facilities on three continents, cleanrooms ranging from 100 to 100K, and established sterilization procedures. By incorporating CSI Medical in Gallatin, Tennessee, Boyd’s medical solutions are more extensive than ever, with additional expertise in medical disposable and wound care specialties. With our broad range of global design and fabrication capabilities, Boyd can help you consolidate your supply chain and reduce landed costs.

Medical Sealing Solutions

Sealing is crucial to the health and safety of patients and caregivers, whether ensuring the long-term operation of medical devices, contaminant-free diagnostics devices, or sealing out harmful bacteria from wounds. Boyd is an innovative precision converter with extensive experience in the medical industry, ranging from technical IVD products to advanced wound care, hygienic applications and patient monitoring. Our fully integrated precision converting medical capabilities are multi-faceted with ISO 13485 and FDA certified facilities in the US, Europe and Asia providing competitive sealing solutions for virtually any medical device or disposable. Whether it’s a one-time use disposable with medical grade adhesive, a medical device that requires best-in-class standard or custom medical grade O-Rings and Seals that meet USP VI standards, or a multi-stacked, tight tolerance medical wearable for patient monitoring or drug delivery, Boyd Corporation is your complete medical solutions provider.

Medical Thermal Solutions

Medical devices are advancing in complexity, capability, and portability at an accelerating rate. Patients and health care professionals expect more computing power and functionality in more traditional medical equipment as well as more healthcare on the go through the use of wearables and portable medical devices. Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation excels at designing, fabricating and assembling flexible, lightweight, high efficiency thermal management solutions that withstand patient home use or constant office use to maintain product lifetime while extending the functionality of these products. Our flexible encapsulated graphite products and flexible heat pipes are ideal for wearables and medical devices that need both freedom of movement and effective heat transfer. Aavid has a wide array of heat sink and liquid cold plate technologies well-suited for thermoelectric coolers (TECs) and thermoelectric heaters (TEHs) used for precise temperature control.

Medical Protection Solutions

The ability to protect sensitive sensors and components in ever-advancing medical devices and test equipment has become even more critical to product reliability and accuracy, while the protection and safety of patients and health care professionals continues to be essential. Boyd Corporation is an expert on Protection Solutions for advanced wound care, medical disposables, and medical wearables and devices. Our experienced engineering and manufacturing team can assist in designing high performance products utilizing the highest quality flexible films, medical tapes and stick-to-skin adhesives, foams, hydrogels, and woven and non-woven materials for patient care and use. We also provide fully integrated sealing and protection solutions for advanced displays, extensive labeling options, keypad and button covers on medical wearables, medical devices, and test equipment. Boyd’s world class precision converting and clean room facilities manufacture, assemble, kit, and package a broad array of protection solutions while exceeding cleanliness standards and tolerance control for medical applications.

What Customers Think of Boyd in the Medical Space

“The team I interface with at Boyd is excellent and knowledgeable of needs of my group.” – Global Pharmaceutical Leader

“Boyd is our best vendor. We have been doing business with them since we started.” – Stetrix Inc.

“Boyd does an excellent job building our final product.” – Leading Medical Wearable Manufacturer

“Quick turn-around time and great customer service support.” – World Leader in Thermal Imaging

“Boyd has provided excellent support and engineering expertise resulting in a superior solution for our product. Boyd also provided prototypes which were critical for our product development.” – Electrochemistry Instrument Manufacturer​

“Boyd is efficient & one of my best suppliers.” – American International Industries, NA Health & Wellness Tech Manufacturer

“Good customer service makes Boyd one of my best suppliers.” – leading Medical Diagnostics Provider

“Customer Service is outstanding in keeping me informed & helping me get orders placed.” – leading Oncology Tech Manufacturer

“We have no quality issues with Boyd. They are one of our best suppliers.” – leading IVD Manufacturer

“The product we order from Boyd is very complex and sensitive. I believe other suppliers may not have the competence for such a product.” – European Medical Technology Manufacturer

“We have been working with Boyd Gallatin for almost a decade & consider them a valuable business partner. We appreciate the cooperation, support & reliability. Your company has been a true partner in our growth and success. We can always rely on your team to find the best solutions in developing our products and to deliver outputs that meet and exceed our expectations. Thank you for everything you do for us.” – Vomaris Wound Care, global Medical Manufacturer


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