Advanced Wound Care: Cost-effective Medical Solutions

Sterile, high quality advanced wound care solutions from Boyd’s precision medical converting capabilities in clean room facilities meet your project needs.

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Exceptional Quality and Cleanliness Control

Clean room classification ranges from 100 to 100k in ISO 13485 medical quality management system certified facilities.

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Robust Patient Comfort

Withstand unpredictable user conditions and meet wearability needs.

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Breathable and Sterile Wound Environment

Improve patient recovery time by reducing infection riskin an ideal healing environment for the skin.

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Reduce Overall Treatment Costs

Monitor patients outside clinical settings to decrease hospital stays and staff workload.

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For Sensitive Skin

Special formulations assure safe patient use for all skin types including children and the elderly.

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Flexible and Durable

More patient movement and freedom, designed for comfort and easy removal.

Medical Adhesive Tapes and Other Wearable Solutions

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Vomaris Innovations Customer Testimonial

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Reduce Infection Risk and Speed Healing Times

Hospitals and healthcare facilities leverage Boyd’s advanced wound care solutions to reduce patient stays and costs by enabling faster clinical downtime, more efficient patient treatment, and reduced risk of secondary infection. Insurance companies benefit from reduced claims with faster and more effective healing.

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What Is Advanced Wound Care?

Advanced wound care solutions are stick-to-skin products that help patients heal faster with reduced risk of infection. Boyd’s advanced wound care products leverage innovative materials, complex assemblies, and a high level of process and cleanliness control.

Boyd’s Advanced Wound Care Material Expertise

Leverage Boyd’s advanced material science knowledge and close medical material innovator collaboration to identify the optimal raw materials that balance cost and needed functionality. Our engineered material expertise and refined cleanroom processes enable Boyd to optimize advanced wound care product design and fabrication requirements and deliver reliable, contaminant-free wound care technologies. Our in-depth knowledge of stick-to-skin adhesives, skin-grade foams, and skin-contact approved films assure wound care materials are safe, comfortable, and practical for intended wear times.


Scalable Clean Room Manufacturing

Boyd’s precision medical converting capabilities in clean room facilities meet your application requirements for sterile, high-quality advanced wound care fabrications. Our global clean room classification capabilities range from 100 to 100k. With our broad range of clean room environments, we can scale wound care and dressing manufacturing and kitting from simple projects to complex designs and from prototype to mass production scale.

Multifunctional Composite Island Dressing


Protect Wound Sites and Promote Healing

Composite Island Dressings or Barrier Island Dressings combine absorption, adhesion, and bacterial barrier performance into a single product. These are ideal for light to moderately draining wounds such as IV sites, minor burns, ulcers, skin tears, lacerations, incisions, and donor sites.

Composite dressings have a breathable surrounding layer that allows the exchange of moisture vapor and resists water and bacteria by utilizing sterile, absorbent, and non-adhesive materials in the center, or island, to cover the wound site.

Island dressings are used as a primary or secondary dressing to create an ideal environment for the healing process, reducing hospital stays and healthcare costs.

Composite Island Dressing Materials

Boyd’s close relationships with medical material innovators help you get the best-fit material for your project’s functional needs and cost targets. We innovate ISO1385 compliant manufacturing processes to fabricate and assemble your design for you — transforming medical covers, lidding tapes, spacer tapes, adhesives, and substrates into functional solutions.

Central Island or Wound Contact Pad

  • Non-adherent contact layer for wound site
    • Protects the wound site
    • Designed to not stick to tissue
  • Soft Pad
    • Absorbs wound drainage

Surrounding Adhesive

  • Non-woven backing with an adhesive border
    • Holds wound contact pad in place during healing process
  • Semi-occlusive, polyurethane film
    • Protects against external contaminants and bacteria
    • Maintains ideal wound environment

Ground and Dressing Electrodes

Comfortable, Reliable Skin Contact

Medical Ground and Dressing Electrodes support an electrical contact with a conformable contact pad and a skin-safe adhesive. Medical electrodes are designed to either measure electrical impulses to the body for diagnosis and patient monitoring or transfer electric pulses to the body for electrotherapy.


Ground and Dressing Electrodes Product Details

Ground and Dressing Electrode Materials

  • Foam pads
  • Hydrocolloid dressings
  • Hydrogel pads
  • Hydrophilic dressings
  • Medical grade pressure sensitive adhesives

 Ground and Dressing Electrode Solutions

  • Extended wear stimulating electrodes
  • Garment electrodes
  • Grounding pads
  • Skin contact approved adhesives
  • Soft foam stimulating electrodes
  • Tab style stimulating electrodes
  • Tan tricot stimulating electrodes
  • Tape patches

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