Medical Grade Adhesives: Stick-to-Skin, Flexible, Breathable, and Sterile

Experience reliable Medical Grade Adhesive solutions, sterile, disposable tape assemblies designed for secure and gentle skin adhesion. These adhesives are ideal for advanced wound care and securement applications.

Flexible and Durable

Provide patients with more movement and freedom with adhesives designed for their comfort in mind

Breathable and Sterile Wound Environment

Improve patient recovery time by reducing risk of infection in an ideal environment for skin

For Sensitive Skin

Special formulations assure safe patient use for all skin types including children and the elderly

Medical Devices: Essential Components for Medical Wearables

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The Engineer’s Guide To Medical Wearables & Devices: Lessons Learned from Design Mishaps

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Medical Grade Adhesive: Reliable Bonding Solutions

Sensitive disposable and durable medical applications require precision adhesive systems designed specifically for the medical field. Medical grade adhesive systems are designed for unique functionality required by medical providers, accounting for cleanliness, durability, safety, reliability, use environments and the impact to the people that they bond to.

Wound care solutions and disposable securement systems bond to a person where sensitive skin is the substrate. Stick-to-skin medical grade adhesive must be sterile and carefully designed to bond aggressively enough to stay fixed to the patient for expected wear time while still being able to be removed without damaging the patient’s skin. Skin as a substrate varies wildly based on the health, age, allergies and other unique characteristics of each patient. Cleanliness, breathability, flexibility, conformability and ease of removal are critically important characteristics in stick-to-skin medical care environments to aid in accelerated healing and reduced risk of infection – so patients get better, faster.

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Medical Grade Adhesive: Scalable and Repeatable Manufacturing

Boyd has a robust ISO13485 certified facility footprint on three continents that enables reliable, sterile, high quality medical grade adhesive manufacturing scalable and repeatable across the markets that global medical customers serve. FDA registrations, Class 100 to 100K cleanroom environments, rapid prototyping and QMS systems assure high quality, sterile and reliable stick-to-skin medical grade adhesive solutions for both durable and disposable medical applications.

Medical Wearable Solutions

Explore the intricate layers of a medical wearable in Boyd’s interactive tool.

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Medical Grade Adhesive Technologies

Complex Medical-Grade-Adhesives

Meet Application Requirements with the Right Construction

Durable medical devices enable care providers to test, diagnose and treat patients using various technologies and equipment. These devices require long term, reliable medical grade adhesive solutions that assure internal and external components remain fixed in place for the life of the equipment.

Medical Grade Adhesive: Wound Care Strips

Reduce the risk of infection with customized wound care strips designed for varying skin types, wear lengths and use environments for one-time or repeatable use applications.


Medical Grade Adhesive: Composite Island Dressing

Incorporate selectively placed wound care dressing materials within selectively exposed medical grade adhesives for integrated wound dressing solutions designed for easy peel-and-stick application with moisture management, infection prevention and accelerated healing.

Healthcare Securement Dressings

Skin grade, sterile securement and attachment systems optimized to assist healthcare professionals quickly and safely secure I.V.’s, tubing and other components to patients.


Medical Grade Adhesive for Durable Applications

Bond internal componentry or adhere external finishing solutions with medical grade adhesive for sterile, durable medical devices that reliably perform for long lifetimes in healthcare facilities with wide ranging temperature environments, multiple sterilization cycles and exposure to a wide variety of liquids and chemicals.

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