Global Sourcing Solutions


Global Opportunities

Today’s access to global supply chains creates great opportunity – but can make management of those supply chains complicated and challenging. A global structure demands the ability to contend with ever-greater uncertainties of supply, shorter product and technology lifecycles, longer lead-times and the utilization of sophisticated logistic pipelines.

Our Approach

Boyd has adopted a philosophy and created a world class global execution team to embrace these challenges for our local, regional and global customers. Boyd’s goal: provide you the highest quality, best performing solutions at the lowest total cost of ownership while adhering to your critical delivery schedules.

Critical Building Blocks

Each element of our Supply Chain’s diversified sourcing solutions strategy has been thoughtfully designed with the following tenets in mind:

  • Provide superior quality,
  • at competitive prices,
  • while maintaining the upmost in flexibility,
  • with global & local warehousing,
  • and industry leading supplier quality programs, value engineering, and global logistics management.

Boyd Spotlight Series – Estimator Program Manager

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What’s more, our approach is one of collaboration in that our suppliers are our partners and are an integral element of Boyd’s overall strategy. When qualifying our supply chain partners, our selection process is stringent and thorough encompassing the following criteria: quality performance, supplier leadership, financial stability & strength, a continuous improvement culture as well as reliability and market competitiveness.

Support to Get the Job Done

Boyd’s expert, well-trained local support teams assist with your program management requirements, material selections, product design, commodity management, application engineering and raw material or finished goods testing. This cross-functional team can be tailored to your unique needs and will closely monitor your initiatives and new programs, while ensuring tight management of new product introduction, volume production and delivery deadlines.

Bottom Line

Boyd’s manufacturing and diversified sourcing solutions, combined with material and design expertise, allows you to simplify your supply chain across multiple commodities while leveraging our global capabilities.

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