Prevent Thermal Runaway in EV Batteries

Maintain homogenous temperatures across battery cells, enable faster charge/discharge cycles, reduce battery overheating, isolate catastrophic battery events when they happen, or better yet, prevent them from ever happening. Lithium-ion battery cell-to-cell integrated cooling, impact absorbing, and heat / flame isolating multi-layer complex assemblies address the primary mechanical, thermal, and environmental factors to prevent thermal runaway.

Extend Battery Range and Life

Boyd’s lightweight, high performance sealing and cooling solutions enable you to design larger batteries with greater power density ruggedized to withstand harsh road conditions for extended battery range and life.

Optimize Energy Use

Sustain reliable, efficient energy conversion and power inversion with highly effective liquid cooling systems that optimize power electronic operating temperatures for optimized energy use and distribution.

Enable Level 4 and 5 Autonomy

Accelerate advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) with thermally dense cooling systems that unlock high performance compute possibilities to enable level 4 and 5 autonomy.

Introduce New Models Faster

Rapidly iterate designs by leveraging Boyd’s quick design cycles and prototyping to create a competitive advantage in speed to market, enabling OEMs to introduce new models faster for earlier market access.

Protect Batteries Against Collision Impact

Enhance consumer safety and reduce warranty expenses by protecting battery compartments in the event of a collision with ruggedized impact-absorbing seals.

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Reduce Weight and Create More Available Design Space

Create streamlined, multi-functional solutions using Boyd’s holistic approach to integrated thermal and sealing system design that considers full vehicle system demand to help OEMs reduce weight, create additional available design space, and maximize energy use.

Anticipate Evolving Consumer Preferences

Innovate telematics touch screen display functionality by leveraging Boyd’s decade of smartphone experience and continued HMI research and development to anticipate evolving consumer preferences.

Solve Sustainability Regulations of the Future

Boyd’s globally available, in-region IATF certified manufacturing and longstanding partnerships with eMobility, electric vehicle, hybrid electric vehicle and autonomy innovators influence how we exceed rigorous safety and regional environmental requirements, anticipate evolving consumer needs, and solve sustainability regulations of the future.


Battery Cooling and Battery Thermal Runaway Prevention

The battery compartment is the most integral part of an electric vehicle with range being a primary concern to consumer adoption. Boyd has designed liquid cooling systems and cold plates for key industry innovators that enable smaller, lighter battery thermal systems; creating more design space for more powerful batteries with faster charge cycles, more efficient utilization of energy, and more reliable vehicles with greater range.

An additional safety concern is lithium-ion battery thermal runaway. EV battery thermal runaway protection can be accomplished with multi-functional, complex solutions designed for cell-to-cell application that absorb impact, vibration and movement, dissipate cell heat, and act a flame or heat barrier and isolator in the event of a catastrophic battery event. Enabling your EV battery designs to proactively and safely prevent thermal runaway events and quickly isolate extreme heat or fire in the unlikely event battery safety design features fail to prevent cell-to-cell propagation. Integrated assemblies feature cooling fins or heat spreaders with compression pads and flame-rated electrical insulation to isolate li-ion battery cells.

Battery Compartment Seals and Collision Protection

Battery compartments, enclosures and housings must be waterproofed and protected against contamination from road debris, precipitation, oil, dirt, and many other environmental factors for high reliability performance over the life of the vehicle. Batteries are exposed to extremely harsh road vibration and potential sudden impact. Battery housing seals, gaskets and damper pads are designed to withstand and absorb this variable force, vibration and extreme impact, minimizing the detrimental impact on the battery and reducing warranty costs. Seals and gaskets are ruggedized to withstand repeat and instantaneous shock, vibration, impact and friction without degrading performance.


Inverter Cooling and Managing Power Electronic Thermals

The ability to maximize energy utilization across various electronic components within an electric vehicle requires power to be supplied in AC (alternating current) that is generated in DC (direct current) by a battery for precisely controlled and consumed on-demand energy use. For maximum energy efficiency and sustainability, power regeneration reverts the process collecting energy from the motor when it’s not accelerating and returning it to charge the battery. Power electronics convert and control electric power in an eMobility vehicle including inverters, converters and on-board chargers. Inverters function as the energy converter in an electric vehicle, transforming DC generated energy to consumable AC and regenerated AC energy back to DC. Boyd’s liquid cooling systems and custom cold plate applications cool the high levels of heat generated as a byproduct of critical eMobility inverters and other power electronics, enabling highest efficiency power conversion and use, resulting in greater range and faster charge cycles for better consumer adoption.


ADAS Advanced Driving Assistance Systems and Compute Cooling

Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS) are enabling the increasing levels of smart and intuitive functionality within vehicles and are the foundation for progressing to full Level 5 automation and self driving cars. Advanced ADAS cooling systems are required to manage the heat created by the high compute power required to support the complexity, processing speed and responsiveness for ADAS and autonomous vehicles. Boyd’s advanced compute thermal systems are compact, lightweight and highly reliable to assure consistent compute performance, efficient energy use and safe compute operating temperatures are always maintained regardless of compute demand.


Automotive Displays, Telematics and Infotainment Systems

Telematics and infotainment have converged into smart interior electronics that enrich the driver experience and improve safety from smart touch screens, intuitive heads up displays (HUDs), and backlit membrane switches, to comprehensive telematics including preventive maintenance intelligence, information management, and vehicle networking, Boyd’s solutions help OEMs innovate these cutting-edge vehicle features while reducing weight and maintaining reliability.

Properly sealed, cooled, and protected electronic components reduce warranty costs and improve consumer safety with reliable, stable performance over vehicle lifetime. Differentiated consumer comfort and convenience electronics create competitive advantage and influence consumer demand. Large, thin, lightweight, rich display screens or rugged switch interfaces optimized for outdoor environments improve customer experience without adding significant weight or power consumption.

Boyd has sealed, bonded, protected, enhanced and cooled the most demanding displays in smartphones for years as the primary innovation partner for world leading OEMs – a vast experience that eMobility telematics and infotainment designers are leveraging for accelerated innovation. Boyd waterproofs electronic components against unpredictable user and weather environments. We ruggedize components against harsh road conditions, extreme vibration and sudden impact. We shield and insulate complex electronics operating in close proximity from interfering with one another. We block and shield heat and spark voltage emitted from electronic components. Resulting in an automotive display with enhanced consumer safety and comfort.


Efficiently Blend Enduring Functionality and Features into your Brand

Custom-engineered solutions combine aesthetics, resilience, and function with outstanding quality. Clearly define your brand with Boyd’s broad range of materials, finishes, and decorative trims in a variety of interior, exterior, and under-the-hood formats - from body side badges, airbag logos, and PRNDLs to backlit sill plates. Leverage our material expertise and versatility, durability, and decorative range of high-quality plastics to develop efficient solutions to balance sustainability and light weighting requirements and stay beautiful in even the most challenging environmental conditions. Introduce more features with Boyd’s electromechanical switch assemblies and key fobs, backlit electronic keypads, and smart display technology to enhances the tactile experience with durability, vivid light quality, and energy efficiency.

Automotive Manufacturing and Quality

Boyd’s automotive production facilities are certified to IATF 16949 quality management systems – ensuring the highest level of automotive grade quality management throughout design, prototyping and mass production. IATF 16949 certified operations are available in North America, Europe and Asia for replicated regional design and production.


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