EV Battery Cooling System

Why use EV Battery Cooling Systems?

Electric vehicle drivetrains and advanced systems rely on the EV Battery Cooling System to maintain safe operating temperatures of the battery during rapid charging and lifetime operation. Without adequate EV battery thermal management system, vehicle performance is limited and runs higher safety risks.


What do EV Battery Cooling Systems do?

While electric vehicle batteries with increased power density enable more vehicle range per charge, waste heat is also increased. EV battery cooling systems are specifically designed to absorb this waste heat and send it to a heat exchanger for dissipation. EV battery liquid cooling helps you:

Increase Battery Range

Maximize your vehicle range with denser batteries by using compact cooling systems.

Safety Requirements

Improve overall safety of your electric vehicle.

Battery Life

Extend battery lifetime and reliability by keeping the battery in its most effective temperature range.


What is an EV Battery Cooling System?

EV Battery Cooling systems typically feature a liquid cooling loop specifically designed to be the most efficient method of heat transfer in the smallest, lightest form factor possible. Added weight decreases EV battery range. Smaller EV battery cooling systems enable more room for other systems or less material and vehicle weight.

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Electric vehicle battery cooling plates mounted on battery modules bring cooled liquid near the module. The working fluid absorbs heat conducted into the cold plate from the module as it passes through. Heat is carried in the pumped liquid away from the battery pack for dissipation with a heat exchanger or radiator.

Need Help with your Battery Cooling System?

Why Choose Boyd for your EV Battery Cooling System?

Boyd’s expertise in liquid cooled component and system design and manufacturing enables us to deliver a liquid cold plate optimized for your battery cooling system. Our compact aluminum EV battery cold plates minimize thermal management volume, allowing more space for denser, more powerful batteries. High efficiency liquid cold plate designs enable rapid cooling to maximize rapid charging. Our production is geared to quickly manufacture high volumes of quality liquid cold plates, meeting continually increasing EV demands in the regions you need them. Replicated high volume EV battery cold plate manufacturing is available across North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe.

Read more about how Boyd helped an EV battery manufacturer create a new battery cooling system that decreased the overall battery pack weight by 40%!


Still not sure about using Boyd for your EV Battery Solutions?

Boyd isn’t limited to a single type of liquid cold plate construction or to just EV battery thermal management. Our broad portfolio of technologies from two phase cooling, conduction cooling with thermal interface materials and advanced engineered material solutions for other battery challenges make us an ideal partner in protecting your EV battery. Our material solutions help mitigate thermal runaway, seal off environmental hazards, and protect against impact and vibration.

Since we manufacture our solutions in-house, Boyd can easily integrate multiple functions and features into a single deliverable solution. This integrated assembly helps you streamline your value chain, supplier list, and assembly process by reducing the number of vendors you’re managing and eliminating processing on your manufacturing floor. With Boyd, we help reduce the total cost of ownership of your EV battery cooling system. Learn more on our battery page:

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