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Boyd Corporation’s Manufacturing Capabilities integrate thermal management, sealing, and protection solutions to empower our customers’ innovative products. We are One Company with Many Solutions. We’re equipped with diverse technologies and manufacturing capabilities that make us a world class problem solver. Our global engineering team utilizes their experience and vast knowledge in complex raw material options and cutting-edge technologies to help you solve most challenging design opportunities when no one else can. Our wholistic design and manufacturing approach produces complex, multifunctional solutions that enhance your product performance and efficiency.

Our supplier relationships give us access to unlimited raw material choices, which serve as the foundation of our manufactured solutions. Boyd’s engineering team can combine any selection of those materials with capabilities housed in facilities spanning three continents. Our engineers leverage their decades of experience in precision converting, metal working and fabrication, and polymer forming across a highly diversified customer base to create unique assemblies attuned to your application and delivery needs. Our team excels in rapid prototyping and regional design services deployed for global mass production, getting you to production faster than your competition.

Our quality management systems paired with our manufacturing processes assure reliability and longevity of Boyd solutions. We offer sophisticated order management that caters to your custom Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or supply portal needs with just-in-time stocking and delivery support. Boyd delivers high touch customer service in a global environment, optimized for your complex value chains.

When you partner with Boyd, you benefit from our advanced manufacturing capabilities for reduced total cost of ownership through great support and high quality solutions.

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Multi-station Rotary Press Precision Converting

Manufacturing Solutions:

Precision Converting

Our expertise and process innovation in advanced rotary die cutting and steel rule die cutting enables Boyd to produce complex multi-layer assemblies in low to high volumes.


Metal Fabrication

Boyd’s broad range of metal additive manufacturing, welding, machining, die casting, brazing, stamping and finishing enable us to create robust and innovative solutions for structural and thermal management applications.



Boyd’s equipped to produce three-dimensional solutions with SOLIMIDE® polyimide foams and precision multi-durometer extrusion of dense, foam, or sponge rubbers and thermoplastics in intricate profile shapes.


Clean Rooms

Boyd is equipped to serve applications demanding the highest quality products, including medical or optically clear components, utilizing our broad portfolio of manufacturing capabilities in a range of clean room environments.


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