Extended Surface Liquid Cold Plates

Drastically increase heat transfer with additional surface area within the flow path of a liquid cold plate.

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Extended Surface Liquid Cold Plates

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As heat transfer is directly correlated with surface area, adding surface area within the fluid path of a liquid cold plate can increase how much heat transfers into the liquid. Liquid cold plates customized with extended surfaces also benefit from additional turbulence, further improving heat transfer. Increasing turbulence is especially important for low flow rates or high viscosity fluids like oil.

Extended surfaces can be added to high heat flux areas of the liquid cold plate or added to the entirety of the flow path, depending on pressure drop and flow rate requirements. By balancing the additional pressure drop from extended surfaces with flow rate, Aavid engineers can drastically increase the performance of a liquid cold plate in its existing volume. Aavid offers many options for liquid cold plate improvement, but folded fin inserts, skived fin inserts, and wire turbulators are the most common and cost-effective ways to improve cold plate performance.

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