Commercial Vehicle

Commercial Vehicle Solutions

Efficient commercial vehicles are vital to the transportation of goods and services across the globe. Heavy Duty and Medium Duty systems require lightweight products to improve fuel economy, seals and gaskets to keep the cab interior comfortable, and rugged protective solutions to ensure long and reliable vehicle lifetimes.

For decades, Boyd continues to serve the Commercial Vehicle market with the most cost-effective solutions, world class customer service and support, and enduring customer partnerships. Our experienced teams collaborate with our customers to reduce weight, assembly time, and overall landed costs while accelerating innovation for sealing, protection, and thermal management solutions.

Commercial Vehicle Sealing

Boyd offers a broad range of sealing systems from O-Rings for oil filtration systems, gaskets and air hoses, isolator seals, window seals and assemblies for cabins, and fairing extensions to improve fuel economy. With our close supplier relationships, our team can help you select and convert the right material to seal against gasses, liquids, dust, sand, and dirt. Our in-house rubber and plastic extrusion capabilities enable Boyd to design and produce the most effective sealing solutions for your application requirements. Our ability to laminate and convert in-line allows us to quickly and cost effectively produce co-extruded seals with adhesive backings and application tabs to streamline installation and assembly. Airflow management solutions combine the best of Boyd sealing solutions and manufacturing technology with fully integrated co-extruded or stamped recirculation baffles assembled with mounting hardware, ruggedized for harsh road environments. Boyd engineers can also decrease the number of bill-of-material components by integrating multiple components, especially with molded components like shifter boots, which reduce overall costs.

As the complexity of commercial vehicles increases, Boyd can assist in sealing sensors and electronic control modules and batteries from the elements with custom seals and gaskets, optically clear adhesives for display modules, cameras, and lidar/radar systems.

Commercial Vehicle Thermal Solutions

Boyd’s thermal insulation foams are ideal for maintaining appropriate cabin temperatures for drivers. Foams like our high performance Solimide® Foams help keep solar energy and engine heat out of cabins or keep vital heat in for trucks in cold climates. Using the right materials and insulation can reduce the load on cabin HVAC systems and increase overall fuel efficiency and range of the vehicle.

With Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation, our team is prepared for the future of commercial vehicles and the exponential growth of integrated smart systems and advanced control electronics and sensors. Our team is experienced in cooling electronics that enable autonomous driving or advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), remote diagnostics, and hybridization as more vehicles utilize high performance batteries. Aavid can utilize existing liquid cooling loops in conjunction with lightweight liquid cold plates to cool high performance electronics or design fan and blower systems for air-cooling heat exchangers or advanced heat sinks. More systems are incorporating aluminum die cast enclosures with thermal management solutions, which Aavid has decades of experience designing and producing modified die casting to fit rugged, yet lightweight requirements like the commercial vehicle industry needs.

Commercial Vehicle Protection

Commercial vehicles are used heavily in tough conditions and require high wear surfaces like floors, steps, pedals, and buttons be protected from the toughest of environments. Boyd can help you in selecting the right material and producing the right design for comprehensive solutions for floor mats, step treads, pedal pads, button covers and handle boots. Multi-shot molding and over molded rubber components offer commercial vehicles protection against friction and wear over a backbreaking lifecycle.

Boyd’s protection solutions also keep drivers safe from excessive, noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) with hood isolators, acoustic insulation, and rubber molded grommets and bushings. More electronics are being integrated into vehicle cabins and more drive trains are being electrified and battery-run. This increases how critical electrical insulation is to diver safety. Materials like our LectroShield product line help keep systems safely electrically isolated from driver and technician contact.

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