Aerospace Industry Overview

Technology advancement in Aerospace and Commercial Aviation applications are increasingly essential to societies’ digitization and globalization as well as exploration, defense, and travel. These applications are often some of the most demanding as they operate in harsh environments where peak performance and reliability are vital to safety and success. Because of this, Aerospace applications require fully optimized systems that need little to no maintenance or include redundancies. Lightweight solutions are especially critical as every gram of weight on board directly translates into fuel efficiency.

For improved passenger comfort and safety and enhanced fuel efficiency, Boyd Corporation has best-in-class aero structure, avionics, cabin, and in-flight display or entertainment system components for commercial and non-commercial aircraft. We serve OEMs, third-parties, and maintenance, repair and overhaul organizations from multiple AS9100 certified facilities with extensive knowledge of OEM and regulatory specifications like BMS8-283, BMS8-300, and AIMS 04-14-004. Boyd engineering and manufacturing teams support aerospace and defense organizations such as the US Navy and NASA with research and development, prototyping, and production of solutions for applications such as satellite equipment and components for vehicles and stations like Mars Rovers, shuttles, and the International Space Station.

Boyd works with you to exceed industry standards, regulations, and environmental protection goals while maximizing lifetime and reliability. By focusing on integrating the right technologies and materials in optimized geometries, Boyd engineers develop highly effective solutions that are extremely light weight, higher performing, and easier to maintain. Boyd solutions include a wide range of materials and capabilities from cargo bay insulation and environmental control systems, to vibration damping in the cabin, to thermal management of all aspects of avionics ranging from inflight entertainment systems, navigation controls, and fuel cooling.

Aerospace Protection and Sealing Solutions

Our flagship aerospace product, SOLIMIDE® Foam, is a lightweight, thermal and acoustic insulation solution that is widely used in private, commercial, and military aircraft. SOLIMIDE® exceeds FAR 25.856 flammability requirements for aerospace applications while maintaining high performance thermal properties across a broad operating temperature range.

Boyd’s comprehensive bonding and adhesive systems are ideal for minimal weight attachment with high bond strength and fast installation. Avionics and communication systems benefit from Boyd’s EMI/RFI absorbers and shields for signal integrity and accurate navigation. Cockpit systems and in-flight entertainment systems utilizing touch screens require optically clear adhesive products, like our advanced display gaskets, to maintain screen functionality and resolution while protecting sensitive components.

Aerospace Thermal Management Solutions

Boyd's thermal division, Aavid, designs and manufactures highly optimized, innovative thermal solutions for the aerospace industry. For over 50 years Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation, has been developing, optimizing, testing, and manufacturing thermal management solutions that enable lightweight, reliable aerospace and aviation applications in extreme conditions.

In addition to developing lighter, leak free liquid systems, including liquid cold plates, heat exchangers, and oil coolers, Aavid is a pioneer and key innovator of two phase cooling solutions including heat pipes and vapor chambers. Aavid continues to develop lighter, thinner two phase and passive systems that offer high performance cooling and heat spreading with minimal or no maintenance.

Other improved passive thermal management technologies include Aavid’s k-Core encapsulated graphite for increased spreading of concentrated heat loads and advanced loop heat pipe designs that quickly transfer heat up to 75ft for safer, easier dissipation. By combining materials expertise with our broad engineering knowledge and diverse manufacturing capabilities, Aavid develops unique, fully optimized solutions for any thermal challenge.

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