Technology advancement in Aerospace and Commercial Aviation applications are increasingly essential to societies’ digitization and globalization as well as exploration, defense, and travel. These applications are often the most demanding as they operate in harsh environments where peak performance and reliability are vital to safety and success. Because of this, Aerospace applications require fully optimized systems that need little to no maintenance or include redundancies. Lightweight solutions are especially critical as every gram of weight on board directly translates into fuel efficiency.

Innovate to Differentiate Performance

Leverage dedicated, expert thermal and sealing engineers with decades of aerospace design and manufacturing experience to continually push achievable performance boundaries. Ongoing research and development partnerships with the world’s most demanding aerospace focused organizations and universities drive long term innovation and new technologies that help you create marketable differentiation and preference among aircraft operators.

Improve Fleet Reliability

Maximize fleet uptime with highly reliable components that perform at peak levels throughout air and space vehicle lifecycles. Components and systems are designed and manufactured within agreed specifications, fabricated with precision processes that assure reliable, long term performance, and ruggedized to withstand harsh deployment conditions. Reliable, rugged, on-spec components optimize fleet availability, prevent unexpected downtime, and assure passenger and crew safety.

Reduce Weight to Improve Fuel Efficiency for More Sustainable Aircraft

Allocate weight savings to greater onboard fuel storage for improved range or translate weight savings to better fuel efficiency and operator savings. Boyd’s lightweight, low mass, high performance liquid cooling and insulation systems feature innovative materials with high inherent strength at a reduced weight, fabricated for reliable long-term performance.

Create Safer, Quieter, More Comfortable Aircraft

Engine noise and temperature extremes are two primary factors that impact passenger comfort. Self-supported, ultra-lightweight thermal and acoustic insulation, SOLIMIDE® Foam, acts as a self-extinguishing flame blocker, exceeds FAR 25.856 flammability requirements, and emits very little smoke if exposed to flame. Meaning you can safely minimize engine noise and control extreme temperature exposure to the cabin without adding excessive weight, fire, or toxic smoke risk.

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Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Minimize or remove waste in manufacturing with optimized raw material utilization and during aircraft operation with integrated solutions that cool, seal, and protect, designed for highest efficiency fuel and energy use. Reliable components optimize performance and prevent unexpected fleet downtime and fees. Products are designed to optimize service processes and speed during planned maintenance and repair operations for minimized downtime and MRO costs. Boyd’s widely diverse, overlapping technology portfolio enables many competing technologies to co-exist and Boyd to recommend optimal solutions for each application. All of these value drivers give you the best total value solution for your unique needs

Aerospace-Grade Quality Manufacturing

Boyd’s AS9100C certified aerospace manufacturing facilities feature quality management systems with the highest level of aerospace quality assurance throughout design, prototyping and mass production. Boyd aerospace products go through stringent environmental testing to qualify each design in application with rigidly controlled manufacturing processes that assure product consistency, meaning all manufactured components match the character of qualified designs. Highly reliable components come from replicated regional design and production operations. Many AS9100C certified sites are available across North America and Europe for redundant manufacturing processes and robust contingency planning.

Enable Radical Changes in Aircraft Engine Design with High Performance Heat Exchangers


Aluminum and high temperature plate fin heat exchangers are a compact cooling option for applications with tight volume or weight requirements. The construction enables heat exchangers to withstand high pressures and demanding aerospace environments for aircraft engine innovation.

Advance Aircraft Electrification with Liquid and Air Cooled Systems and Chassis


High reliability, lightweight, low mass, low profile cooling systems enable advancements in aircraft electronics without adding weight or bulk to aircraft designs. Liquid cooled electronic chassis efficiently draw heat away from critical electronics through the chassis enclosure, enabling greater power and compute density in the same space without adding mass. Vacuum Brazed Liquid Cold Plates efficiently transfer heat from electronic systems generating high heat loads to existing coolant loops with high reliability. Vacuum Brazed Air-Cooled Heatsinks draw heat out of medium and low powered electronics with high reliability. Heat Pipe Assemblies move or spread heat from a heat source to a more remote area where heat can safely dissipate with greater access to air cooling.

SOLIMIDE® Foam Sustainable Insulation Improves Safety while Lightweighting


SOLIMIDE® is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, low density, light weight, polyimide foam designed as a high performance thermal and acoustic insulator with a uniquely wide continuous temperature range from below -325°F(-200°C) up to +572°F (+300° C). When exposed to flame, SOLIMIDE® chars rather than burns, creating a burn barrier, will not propagate flame, and emits very little smoke and no toxic fumes. It is neither hydrophobic nor hydrophilic so it doesn’t wick liquid and will float atop resting water. SOLIMIDE® is basically inert and doesn’t outgas, is resistant to most petroleum chemicals, doesn’t support microbial growth, is non-toxic, and doesn’t significantly change size going from extreme cold to extreme heat. When used to insulate aircraft fuselage, aerostructures, the cockpit, cabin, and cargo bay, SOLIMIDE® improves passenger and crew safety while lightweighting the aircraft to improve fuel efficiency and progress to sustainability goals.

Enhance Comfort and Safety with Markings, Printed Circuits Electromechanical Assemblies, and Molded Solutions


Between Boyd’s plastic injection molding, display integration, assembly, printed electronic circuitry, and specialty printing, Boyd fulfills the capabilities of multiple suppliers. From warning and safety labels to seat markers, Boyd has the expertise and capabilities to produce a broad spectrum of interior and exterior graphics for the aerospace industry. Boyd offers a full-service plastics capabilities including injection molding, decoration, and assembly with our dedicated team. Leverage our breadth of experience designing sub-assemblies and complete functional devices to bring customers the best front panel solution, meeting both functional and aesthetic requirements at a competitive price.



Drones are applied in increasingly diverse functions as technology and drone design mature. Drones already assist in search and rescue missions, security surveillance, land surveying, medical analysis, and deliver goods and services to remote areas. Drone success relies on lightweight, reliable, and rugged solutions that help maximize battery life, flight range, and carrying capacity. Thermal management systems and engineered material solutions maximize the performance of drones in a wide variety of applications. Reliable thermal management solutions like heat sinks, heat pipes, and graphite heat spreaders cool the motor, batteries, and power supplies to increase component lifetimes and reliability. Engineered materials dampen vibration and shock to protect sensitive components like electronics, batteries, and cameras. EMI/RFI shielding and absorption solutions improve signal integrity between drones and land-based transmitters and receivers. By leveraging our design expertise, Boyd can assist you in maximizing the performance of your drone in demanding use cases.



Satellites are an integral part of our communication and navigation infrastructure, enabling consumers, businesses, and service providers accurate information worldwide. To enable reliable operation, satellites require maintenance-free thermal management solutions to maintain optimal operating temperatures for onboard electronics. Boyd’s encapsulated graphite thermal straps, radiator panels, and heat spreaders, long-distance loop heat pipes, and axially grooved heat pipes are passive components that reliably move and radiate heat to ensure long satellite system lifetimes.

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