Advanced Process Knowledge to Design and Print Functional Parts

Boyd offers high-pressure aluminum die cast products. Die-casting is a versatile process for producing metal parts by forcing molten metal under pressure into steel molds or dies. Using this process, we can produce complex shape products with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability.

Boyd has extensive high-pressure aluminum die casting experience as our specialization dates back decades, first through Allcast Inc, then Aavid Allcast LLC. We can produce aluminum die castings with tight tolerances, thus reducing the amount of finishing work necessary for the customer to achieve a desired look to the component.

die cast heat sink chassis
4 examples of die cast heat sinks

Die Casting Capabilities

  • (19) Full automated die cast cells ranging from 400 ton to 1800 ton producing castings from a few ounces to more than forty pounds.
  • (13) CNC machining centers capable of machining simple to complex parts requiring close tolerance solutions.
  • Capable of providing many value added in-house services including, shot blasting, vibratory finishing, testing, etc.
  • Finishing services available including powder coating, painting, conversion coatings, and other corrosion resistant surface treatments.
  • Capable of tight tolerances and utilizing a proprietary “Quench Etch” process which offers improved paint adhesion and may eliminate additional finishing services.
  • Full engineering support including design, part flow simulations, and project management.
  • Quality assurance technology includes Visitrak shot monitoring, x-ray, and spectrograph analysis

Die Casting Materials

  • Aluminum Die Cast Alloys A380 & A413 (low-copper):
  • Allows for stability with thin walls or for very complex shapes.
  • Provides strength with a lightweight solution.
  • Mechanical properties provide additional solutions for many applications.
  • A413 alloy provides higher thermal and electrical conductivity.
die cast heat sink enclosure

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