Tube Liquid Cold Plates


Cost Effective Component

Keep system costs down with effective and proven tube cold plate design.


Easily Customized & Flexible Design

Modify standard designs or use custom tube paths for more targeted cooling.


Low to Mid-Range Power Densities

Cool low to mid level heat flux applications effectively with tube liquid cold plates.

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Target Cooling in Critical Areas

Boyd Corporation’s tube liquid cold plates feature copper or stainless steel tubing pressed into aluminum plates. Standard tube cold plates feature a joint free continuous tube mechanically interlocked into an extruded aluminum plate. These cost effective liquid cold plates are designed specifically for low to medium power density applications.

Custom Pressed Tube Liquid Cold Plates are available with either continuous tube styles or a manifold style to increase tube density within the liquid cold plate. Manifolds are brazed to tubes and tested for 100% leak-free performance. Boyd’s engineers can customize continuous tubes or manifold tube passes with CNC machined plates to target cooling in critical areas. Thermal resistance between the tube and plate can be further decreased with specially formulated thermally conductive epoxy.

View Standard Pressed Tube Liquid Cold Plates below or contact the Boyd Engineering Team for a custom design for your application. For increased cooling surface contact liquid cold plates, view our Hi-Contact™ Liquid Cold Plates.

For help selecting a standard liquid cold plate please try our Liquid Cold Plate Selector Tool.

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Key Industries


  • Inverter Cooling
  • Power Conversion
  • Smart Grid Controller System Thermal Management
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  • Electronic Control Unit Cooling Solutions
  • High Performance On-Board Computing
  • Sensor & Camera Cooling
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  • Communications Equipment Cooling Systems
  • Transmit/Receive Modules
  • Laser Thermal Management
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