Transfer Heat from Surfaces with a Liquid Cold Plate

What is a Cold Plate?

Liquid Cold Plates are responsible for transferring heat from surfaces with high heat loads to the fluid used within a liquid cooling system. The performance of these components is critical to the overall effectiveness of the liquid system.

Extended Surface

High performance cold plates with meso channels, micro channels, or extended surfaces featuring skived or folded fins. Typically vacuum brazed for clean and precise assembly.

Flat Tube & MPE

Compact, low profile aluminum multi-port extrusion (MPE) cold plates.

Hi-Contact™ Pressed Tube

Boyd’s Hi-Contact™ process features a patented geometry to provide improved heat transfer with cost-effective pressed tubes.


Highly specialized geometry allows for uniform cooling on both sides of the cold plate enabling more consistent performance.

Stamped & Blister

Low profile and lightweight alternative to typical extended surface cold plates for more cost sensitive applications. Typically CAB brazed for higher volume production

Standard Pressed Tube

Cost-efficient cold plates with bent tube technology that offer high levels of design flexibility, especially for mounting.

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100% In-Line Testing

Reliable, leak-free cold plates produced for more than 15 years.

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Lightweight, Rugged Performance

High strength, low profile, lightweight cold plates maximize thermal performance while balancing end device needs.

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Optimize Direct Liquid Cooling Interfaces

Custom cold plate skylines and pedestals maximize the interface between a heat source and the cooling system for peak performance.

Liquid Cooling Loop Cold Plate

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Liquid Cold Plate (LCP) Solutions

Find the Right Cold Plate for Your Specific Application

Since liquid cooling is utilized in a wide variety of applications, Boyd has developed the broadest range of liquid cold plate designs and fabrications in the thermal management industry.

For help selecting a standard liquid cold plate please try our liquid cold plate selector tool.

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Efficient and Compact Cooling for Extremely High Heat Loads

Boyd's global capabilities enable us to develop and produce more efficient and compact cooling for extremely high heat loads while still maintaining design flexibility and reducing costs. We offer a wide variety of liquid cold plate designs, features and functionality to meet application needs for varying performance levels, dimensions and costs.

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