Flat Tube Liquid Cold Plates

Low thermal resistance liquid cold plates in a compact, low profile

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Flat Tube Liquid Cold Plates

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Flat Tube Liquid Cold Plates utilizing aluminum multi-port extrusion (MPE) tubing are compact thermal management solutions that offer extremely low thermal resistance. These extrusions utilize thin external walls which minimize thermal resistance between the cold plate and heat source mounting surface.

The MPE tubes contain internal fins that provide additional surface area which increases thermal performance and offer excellent thermal uniformity as coolant flows below the entire surface. The cold plate’s large internal surface area combined with its low pressure drop makes it ideal for use with viscous and poor heat transfer fluids such as EGW, oils, 3M Fluorinert®, and Polyalphaolefin (PAO).

MPE & Flat Tube Liquid Cold Plates are ideal for cooling small, high heat density components such as thermoelectric modules. The low profile nature of these cold plates work well in applications with limited space that also require high performance cooling.

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