What Is a Thermosiphon?

Thermosiphons are passive, two-phase thermal management systems that have a wide variety of benefits and potential applications. Thermosiphons are an ...

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Boyd Develops Cooling Solution for the Critical SuperCam Assembly of the Perseverance Mars Rover


Boyd continues its long tradition of Aerospace thermal management expertise on NASA's latest Mars Mission, the Perseverance Mars Rover. Cooling Soluti...

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ThermoElectric Device Embedded Controller


Innovations in thermoelectric modules have the potential to drastically impact the entertainment world. Applying Thermoelectric Devices in New Ways TE...

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Bond, Thermal Bond: An Overview on Bonded Fin Heat Sinks

Bonded Fin Heat Sink Assemblies are ideal for high fin:gap aspect ratios that maximizing heat transfer in forced convection solutions. Bonded Fin Heat...

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Two-Phase Cooling - Ask an Expert Q&A

Two-Phase Cooling encompasses several different cooling technologies, so we sat down with one of our thermal experts to answer some frequently asked q...

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Thermosiphon Configurations and Applications

Thermosiphons are one of the most efficient two-phase thermal management systems, but where and how are they typically used? In our previous blog, we ...

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Thermosiphons vs Heat Pipes

While Thermosiphons and Heat Pipes often look and behave similarly, there are a few key differences between them. In our previous blogs, we've gone ov...

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Thermal Radiation: Key for Natural Convection Solutions

Thermal engineers are radiant about the effects of thermal radiation. Thermal radiation is one of three modes of heat transfer, along with convection ...

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Cool Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is gearing up to power more advanced applications, but come with more thermal challenges. Cool Artificial Intelligence is Maki...

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Boyd's Essential Sealing, Thermal, and Protection Solutions in the Fight Against COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to accelerate, the world is faced with new challenges each to combat and overcome the virus. With each rising chall...

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Heat Pipes versus Vapor Chambers: What's the Difference?

There's lots of buzz on the internet about heat pipes and vapor chambers being amazing additions to air cooled heat sinks. But when it comes to heat p...

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What Aavid Genie Means: "Working Envelope" and Heat Sink Design Volume

In product design, thermal solutions typically have a designated volume, called a working envelope. Space: the Final Frontier In the "Project Conditio...

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Zipper Fin Heat Sinks: An Interconnected Solution

Zipper Fins allow for high fin aspect ratios and more design flexibility due to their progressively stamped construction and assembly. What are Zipper...

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How Hot is too Hot? The Real Maximum Temperature of Your Product

Summer is upon us and it brings some sweltering hot days with it. This is a great time of year to consider your next product and the thermal condition...

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Thermal Design: User Acceptance of Your Product

All too often, thermal management is considered too late, if at all, in the design process. In the effort to help make you the thermal expert in your ...

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We're a Big Fan of Forced Convection

Fans and Blowers are a critical tool in air cooled thermal management solutions. Increased flow rate increases heat transfer and dissipation. We're a ...

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Brazed Fin Heat Sinks: Baked to Perfection

Brazing generates solid thermal and mechanical joints for fabricating heat sinks, liquid cold plates, heat exchangers, and chassis. What is Brazing? B...

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Thermal Design: User Acceptance of Your Product - Part 2

In an earlier blog post, we discuss the importance of user product acceptance. We examined another gaming laptop product review that focused heavily o...

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