Pumped Two-Phase Cooling Systems

Meet the surging demands of contemporary technology and industry for efficient and highly effective heat dissipation with pumped two-phase systems that leverage the phase-change characteristics of a fluid, often a refrigerant or specialized coolant. Pumped two-phase cooling systems deliver state-of-the-art cooling characterized by enhanced performance, heightened reliability, and versatile adaptability across diverse applications.
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Push Product Performance with Next Level Cooling

Outperform extreme air-cooling systems with pumped two-phase cooling systems
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Reduce Cooling System Size

Obtain higher performance at the same flow rate as single phase systems, enabling designers to reduce cooling system volumes

High-Precision Temperature Control

Improve temperature stability and extract heat from cramped or densely populated spaces

Increased Processing Power

Leverage liquid and two-phase cooling’s best qualities in a single system to reliably cool the most powerful semiconductor chips and processors for unprecedented computational power

Minimize Coolant Maintenance

Reduce time spent on replacing coolants with inert pumped two-phase coolants

Generative AI and Hyperscale Computing

Cool power-hungry chips with rapid, high-capacity pumped two-phase cooling

What is a Pumped Two-Phase Cooling System?

A pumped two-phase system or evaporative liquid cooling system is an advanced cooling and heat transfer solution utilizing a pump to circulate fluid that transitions between liquid and vapor phases within the system. Pumped-two phase cooling effectively manages and dissipates heat from diverse applications, particularly in high-performance cooling scenarios.

Pumped two phase cooling loop

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How does a Pumped Two-Phase System Work?

Pumped two-phase cooling merges the features of two-phase cooling and liquid cooling systems, combining the strengths of both cooling technologies. Two-phase cooling employs specialized cold plates to efficiently cool high power equipment by evaporating the working fluid for rapid heat removal from heat sources. The modified liquid system architecture pumps working fluid to reject absorbed heat with a heat exchanger. Coolant condenses, and the system pumps liquid back to the cold plates to repeat the process.

Why Collaborate and Innovate with Boyd for Advanced Cooling Solutions?

Boyd’s extensive heritage in two-phase cooling and liquid cooling system technologies serves as a robust foundation for collaborative development. Our capacity to innovate within both two-phase cooling and liquid cooling systems empowers us to innovate and engineer cutting-edge cooling solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Boyd: Pioneering Innovations in Advanced Cooling Technologies

Boyd’s comprehensive thermal technology portfolio seamlessly integrates liquid, two-phase, and air-cooling innovations. As a proud participant in the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) program called COOLERCHIPS, we are dedicated to advancing pioneering technologies that give rise to a new era of highly efficient and power-dense data centers through advanced liquid cooling system development. Our profound heritage, expertise, and capabilities enable us to develop innovative liquid cold plates for advanced pumped two-phase systems, delivering energy-efficient and high-performance cooling solutions tailored to your specific applications.

Pushing the Limits of Moore’s Law: Boyd’s Advanced Liquid Cooling Solutions

Boyd’s advanced liquid cooling technology takes a pioneering approach to integrate two-phase cooling and liquid cooling systems as pumped two-phase systems, or evaporative liquid cooling, and harnesses the synergistic advantages of both technologies. Our expertise in engineering, manufacturing, and rigorous testing enables us to create cutting-edge cooling solutions tailored to the most demanding needs of high-performance chips.

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